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Apps For Scrabble Fans

Scrabble fans have plenty to get excited about on iOS. There are apps for every kind of Scrabble fan. We gather up the best Scrabble game apps, word checkers, dictionaries, scorecards, and more in this AppList for Scrabble fans.


by Electronic Arts

Scrabble for iPad is an incredible app. There are no compromises when you play this version of Scrabble. The developers have even created a special tile rack app to enable iPhones to be used to hold your letters! You can play solo, with Facebook friends, or with those in the same room as you. The current reviews claim it crashes and doesn’t work. We have tested this and found the app to be very stable and enjoyable to use. There is an iPhone version available for those without an iPad. If you are a Scrabble fan, this is a must have app.


by Electronic Arts

Scrabble Tile Rack is a free addition to the iPad app. The app enables you to turn iPhones, iPod touches (or extra iPads) into a tile rack. The tile rack includes a dictionary, which many would consider to be illegal. We found connecting to the iPad to be quick, stable, and easy. You can connect up to four devices to your iPad.


by Electronic Arts

Scrabble Blast is a whole new Scrabble experience on your iPhone. The free app can be enhanced through the included in-app purchases. These include $0.99 for ad removal and $1.99 for action and classic mode access. The other game modes include blast and puzzle. You’ll be playing against the clock and working your way around bombs in this new edition of Scrabble. If you are tired of the slow-paced original Scrabble, then this is the Scrabble for you.

Words With Friends

by Zynga

Words with Friends is the cross-platform Scrabble game. You can play against those on Android devices and iOS devices. There are free versions available for the iPhone and iPad too. With Words with Friends you can maintain multiple games and get instant notifications when it is your move. It can be a dangerous time drainer if you are not careful. Words with Friends brings Scrabble into the new social era.


by D.R.Thorsrud

SpellStacker is a wonderful Scrabble alternative for the iPad and iPhone. The feature set tries to improve upon the original vision of Scrabble. One of the big ones is a timer. Another feature is tiles that stack for more word options. There are more strategy points in this game. You can use bomb tiles and other nice little touches. You can spend a good deal of money with the in-app purchases. There are 10 different $0.99 options. Most of these include enhancements to the visuals of the app. If you are looking for a nice Scrabble alternative, you might want to consider this one.


by AppsArabia FZ-LLC

Kalimat is a killer Scrabble-inspired app. You can play against others on Game Center, OpenFeint or simply do a pass and play with those in the room. Chat is integrated into the game and you can play a special remix mode. Remix mode has secret treasures and other fun little gems. Kalimat is a fantastic Scrabble app for the iPhone.

Crossword Dictionary + Letterpress cheat

by JPMartineau

Crossword Dictionary makes finishing crosswords or cheating at Scrabble easier than ever. You can search by how many letters you need and by what letter the word starts with. The app is not perfect and there are some words not included in this app, but overall it is a great app.

Scorecard (for word-based board games)

by Leon Johnstone

Scorecard for Scrabble is perfect for those that want to play the good old-fashioned physical Scrabble board game. The scorecard can keep track of four different players. You can even set up a timer feature to keep the game moving along. A dictionary is included as well as a rule sheet. When the game is over, you can even email the results. Scorecard for Scrabble is a great companion to the old-fashioned board game.


by Mick West

CheckWord is yet another great companion (cheat) app for those that play Scrabble. Simply search for a word and the app will tell you if it is a good word for Scrabble. You can also generate words from your tile rack and other nice features for Scrabble players. All of the words and content is stored within the app. CheckWord is a fantastic addition to your Scrabble arsenal.