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Apps For Skateboarders

The iPhone can become a great resource for skateboarders. We have gone through the App Store and found some awesome apps. These include apps to pick up new skating clothes, apps to stay connected to the skateboarding community, and many more. Check them all out in this AppList for skateboarders. As always, let us know if we missed your favorite one.


by Skullcandy Inc.

Skullcandy is an app for actual snow/skateboarders or surfers. The app helps you find skateparks and provides all the info you need as a snowboarder including weather conditions. The app also includes streaming music to entertain you while you travel or skateboard. The app is free and runs great on both the iPad and iPhone. If you are a skateboarder, then this is a must have app!

Boarder Lounge Pro - Snowboard and Skateboard Community

by The Lounge LLC

Boarder Lounge Pro helps you stay connected with other skateboarders. The app lets you discuss topics and share videos. The pro version removes the ads and adds a couple of cool features. These include Facebook integration and better graphics. The app was created for and by skateboarders. A great app to have to stay connected with the boarder community.

The Berrics Skateboarding Videos

by The Berrics LLC

The Berrics Skateboarding Videos app does exactly what it says. The app plays back hundreds of different videos from inside the Steve Berra and Eric Koston skatepark. If you are an iPhone user, the app even lets you text the Berrics! The app will connect you through email to Steve Berra too. The app is kept fresh with new videos. Fans of skateboarding should give this one a try.

Vans : House of Vans

by Factory Design Labs, LLC

Vans : House of Vans keeps you up to date on the next big skateboarding shoe. Vans is a well known company that specializes in shoes for skateboarders and snowboarders. The app lets you know about new shoes coming out and can even show you where you can pick some up locally. The app is free and is fun to use.


by Ethervision

Lakai is an app based on the popular shoe maker and skateboarding team. The app includes information about their products and team. The app also packs in news and media coverage of Lakai. The app is great for those that want to stay up to date with the company and for those that are looking for new skateboarding shoes.

Zumiez Couch Tour

by Black Sun Productions, LLC

The Zumiez Couch Tour app keeps you up to date on the skateboarding tour. The app includes skate demos, music performances, push notifications, video recaps, photo slideshows, and much more! The app packs in a ton of great features and is absolutely free. Fans of the Zumiez Couch Tour should pick this one up today.


by Magento

We All Ride is an app that helps you pick out some new hats, shirts, and other clothing apparel for skating. The clothing company is a pretty popular one and the app provides a great way to check out the latest products and even purchase new gear. Skaters that need new attire should download this one today.

Nor Cal Skateparks

by Sutro Media

Nor Cal Skateparks is an app to help you find some of the best skateparks in Northern California. The app was created with the help of Lance. Lance founded and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. The app contains a wealth of knowledge and is a must have for skateboarders that live in the area.

Skate Slots

by JandyCo LLC

Skate Slots is an awesome app to use when you are out at the skateparks. The app helps you start up different skate matches and games. The app includes flat, rail and box games and can keep track of up to 50 different players. The app randomly selects different tricks to perform. Once the app selects a trick that skater must perform that trick or lose points. The app has a great interface, tons of features (with skaters in mind), and is a no brainer at $0.99.

SkateBoard TrickBook

by Orange Slide Apps, Inc.

The SkateBoard TrickBook app is a great one for new and old skaters alike. The app provides both a video and a text description on how to perform different tricks with your board. The app has helped a ton of people perform their very first tricks. SkateBoard TrickBook is a fantastic resource for any skateboarder.