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Apps for vegans and vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian or vegan and interested in finding tasty and nutritious foods to eat? There are many apps to assist you in finding the right meals to eat and highlighting which items to avoid. In this AppList, we highlight some of the many apps available for those interested in living a healthy vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Is It Vegan?

by Conner Burggraf

If you are looking to become vegan or vegetarian and would like more information, Is It Vegan? is a great app to check out. Get rid of unwanted animal products from your diet by scanning UPC bar codes from packages of foods and beverages to receive the answers that you are in search of. The app will tell you if the items scanned are vegan, vegetarian, or neither. A summary of ingredients is presented to you, then each ingredient is placed in its appropriate category. There is a large database, along with the option to upload products. Please note: this universal app includes mostly products within the USA.

Green Kitchen – healthy vegetarian recipes

by Amazing Applications AB

Learn how to cook delicious vegetarian meals using Green Kitchen - healthy vegetarian recipes. Vibrant photographs accompany organic, vegetarian recipes. The universal app provides step-by-step instructions for all kinds of tasty dishes. AirPrint is available to print your favorite recipes, along with AirDrop to share them.

Go Vegan!

by Arsenal Pulp Press Ltd.

Go Vegan! is another universal app that can be quite helpful in guiding you through the vegan, animal-free lifestyle. It includes 60 mouthwatering recipes, as well as audio tips and videos.

Vegetarian How to Cook Everything

by Culinate, Inc.

If you prefer more varitey, Vegetarian How to Cook Everything has an incredibly large library of vegetarian meals. It has over 2,000 recipes included. Beautiful illustrations and pictures accompany delectable dishes and their instructions. There is even a special section included for cooks who are constantly on-the-go. Bookmark your recipes, convert measurements, and make use of the in-app timer. This app is universal.

Whole Foods Market Recipes

by Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.

Pick the right foods for your animal-free diet with the assistance of Whole Foods Market Recipes. You are able to search by course, cuisine, or even specific dietary needs. The universal app packs over 300 recipes in, and makes grocery shopping simple.

Vegman - Worldwide Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant Guide

by McKS App Development GmbH

Perhaps you would like to eat out instead of cooking at home. Find vegetarian, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly restaurants near you with Vegman - Worldwide Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant Guide. Based on the website, find restaurants with the help of this community-based companion app.


by Symbiotic Software LLC

Find out which companies are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Cruelty-Free is a wonderful shopping guide to have on your iPhone or iPad, while you are out. Search the app for over 200 cosmetic, household, and personal care items listed in its database. Companies in the USA and Canada that do not test ingredients, formulas, or finished products on animals are necessary to this type of lifestyle. Direct links to company websites are provided. The app is universal.