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Apps That Cheer You Up

There are times when you just feel terrible and you need some happiness. Well you are in luck, because the App Store has a ton of great apps to help you get back into a good mood. We cover our favorites in this AppList. As always, let us know in the comments if we forgot any.


by Netflix, Inc.

A good heartfelt and uplifting movie can do wonders. The Netflix app will run on all of your iOS devices. The app will stream movies and TV shows. Netflix has expanded its content to include tons of movies that will make you laugh and feel good. This is an app you will not want to go without.

Pandora Radio

by Pandora Media, Inc.

Music can be the cure to pain for many. Pandora radio is a free option that will stream music of a certain genre. For those that need a little lift, we would recommend downloading Pandora.

Magic Piano HD

by Smule

Not only listening, but playing music can be a great remedy for a case of the blues. The Magic Piano app is a great choice for many reasons. The app actually connects you with other people, so you know you are not alone. Magic Piano lets you perform duets with people all over the world. The app also lets your mind open up because of its freeform input. Magic Piano is a must have for anyone with the case of the blues.

Gratitude Journal ~ the original!

by Happy Tapper

Gratitude Journal - Your Positive Thoughts app forces you to evaluate what you have that is good in your life. If used regularly, this app can also remind you in times of distress of some truly great things in your life. We would recommend using this or another journaling tool to capture your positive energy each day. It may sound corny, but it actually works for those that do it.


by Apple

Having a good uplifting book can make all the difference. The iBooks app provides a great reading experience and can be your oasis where you go to re-read your favorite books. There are tons of great authors like Og Mandino that create books that can get you into a great mood.

Fruit Ninja HD

by Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja HD makes the list as a way to get rid of anger. Fruit Ninja HD is a game where you slice your way to victory. The iPad version is especially good because you can engage all 10 fingers. The iPad version really lets you get aggressive and let out that pain on some harmless fruit. Fruit Ninja HD is here for you when you need to go crazy for a few minutes.

Road Rage Soundboard

by B.M. Worldwide

Those that need to let loose with road rage frustration will want to check out this app. The app does contain some cursing, so it may not be appropriate for all. The app provides a great way to let others scream for you. If you are a person that doesn’t like to scream this app can help you get your thoughts out there.

pzizz energizer

by pzizz technology limited

A restful nap can be a great way to get back into a good mood. Pzizz energizer is an app designed to assist you in naps from 10 minutes to 90 minutes in length. The app has an optional voice track that guides you. The background audio without the voice is also a great option for enjoying a nice nap. If you are feeling down, you might want to give a nap a try!



For many, reading a favorite scripture verse can help put things in perspective. This free app lets you bookmark your favorite verses, which makes it easy to come back to in times of need. The Bible app is a great free option for those with a case of the blues.