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When you want something done right...

When you want something done right (or lets face it, done cheap) do it yourself. With this collection of apps you'll be on the road to self-reliance in no time. Whether your main goal is to save a few bucks, get out of a sticky situation or just have that feeling of accomplishment, once again there is no better tool to help you then your iPhone.

wikiHow: How to and DIY Survival Kit

by wikiHow, Inc.

Ok, first up: Survival. This ridiculously massive application will teach you to survive anything from opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew to being attacked by a bear or landing a plane... It's real draw is that it does in fact teach you good real world know how like CPR, First Aid and even some basic wilderness survival. With the ability to bookmark your favorite tips, search and offline viewing for basic tips, I have to say this app wins me over and is a MUST HAVE for any DIY'er. Oh, btw... Its free!

SAS Survival Guide


If you are looking for a more "professional" solution to the art of survival, this is it. A bit of a stretch for the DIY'er, this app really does deliver one of the most rugged and in depth takes on wilderness survival. If you like camping, or you spend a lot of time hiking and such, you'll want to get yourself one of these. The only thing this app doesn't teach you is how to keep your cell phone charged to read it.

How To Videos from

by Howcast
FREE The Youtube of the DIY world. There is stuff in this app I've never even thought I wanted to learn and stuff I never heard of that I can now say I can do without any hassle. Like any good DIY app, it gives you the ability to save a clip for later viewing, search for a specific topic, or just shake the phone to randomly play a clip. After some time using it, I was mad at all the things I paid other people to do for me. Note: This app stopped working for me after iOS4 on my iPhone 4. If you find that its working again, shoot me an email.

DIY Calculator

by CleverMatrix Ltd

Moving into a new house? Renovating an old one? If you need to paint a few rooms or re-tile a bathroom you're going to want to know how much materials your going to need to complete the project. DIY Calculator will help with finding out how much materials you will need for painting, wallpapering, tiling, and flooring. Save money and trips by buying exactly what you need. All the data you enter can be saved in app, or if you're loved one has already made a run, you can email his or her smartphone with the updated list.

90 in 1 : APPZILLA!

by Fossil Software

If you can't find it in here, it doesn't exist. I'm not going to post everything here that this app does, lets just say that if this app was a swiss army knife, it would weigh 80 lbs and it would make you breakfast. I know there will be more than enough here to make it worth the buck it costs, and the best part: Apps you don't like you can hide! Do yourself a favor and check this out.

Knot Guide (100+ knots)

by Winkpass Creations, Inc.

With 91 knots and counting, an easy to use interface, interactive diagrams, the ability to save your favorite knots and a very active developer you should consider this app if you do anything with ropes. I know I've used it to pass a knot exam for my fire fighter class and to tie up a few items over at work. It's great in a pinch and it works offline.

iHandy Level Free

by iHandy Inc.

I don't think I need to introduce this app if you're in this applist. Need something level? Here ya go.


by Evernote

Evernote lets you create text, audio and photo notes and seamlessly sync them to a pc or mac. If you're going to do something yourself, your going to need to stay organized.

How to Cook Everything for iPhone

by Culinate, Inc.

How to Cook Everything is the name, and they aren't pulling any punches. Search for recipes, use the built in timer or create a shopping list. This app is a must have for anyone that enjoys cooking and wants to take it up a notch without necessarily taking a culinary course. Oh, and if you're making lasagna, I'll be right over. Mmmmm.