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Apps for printing pictures from your iPhone

Your iPhone has always been there for you when you wanted to take pictures at the most sudden of times, but what about printing them on the fly to share with your friends? Here are some apps that let you connect your iPhone to your printer wirelessly to print your iPhones pictures with ease!

HP ePrint

by Hewlett Packard

This is the official printing solution for iPhones wanting to print from there HP wireless printer. The set up is very easy and requires no addition drivers to be installed on your computer. You just search for your printer using bonjour and send your photo off. You can also take photos from within HP iPrint and print out immediately!

Air Photo Wifi Printing

by Sudobility

With options like auto-rotate, scaling, and cropping, you can quickly customize your photos before they are printed. You can also print to any model of wireless printer, although a server program must be installed on your PC or Mac for the app to communicate with the printer. With the additional server program, you can also choose to save all photos sent to the printer to your computer!

Photo Lab (with Wifi printing)

by Sudobility

If you want a feature packed photo editing app with built in wireless printing capabilities, I highly consider you check out this app! Change the look of your photos with effects, auto correction, white balance, cropping abilities and more before you send off your photo to be printed. The app also saves its current state should you exit the app or receive a phone call so you can continue editing your pictures at a more convenient time!


by Celstream Technologies Private Limited

If you want to print multiple photos on a single sheet from your iPhone, this app has what it takes. You can add, delete, and resize photos on a sheet with up to 16 photos on a single sheet of paper. This app also saves the sheet layout you are working on should you receive a call in the middle of creating your layout.

KODAK Pic Flick

by Eastman Kodak Company

Share your iPhones photos with Kodaks digital frames or print to any wireless kodak printer to share with friends and family.

Print n Share

by EuroSmartz Ltd

If you want all the bells and whistles for sharing and printing photos, email, contacts, and a wide variety of documents, try out this app. You can set up the app as a wifi hard drive or connect to wireless servers such as iDisk & webdav to view share or print just about any document format your can imagine. This app even has a fully featured email app and web browser built in for easy document printing within emails or web pages.

Print (Print to ALL Printers)

by EuroSmartz Ltd

This app is a lite version of "Print n share" You can still print contacts, photos, web pages, etc. but features like email and document printing are not available on this version. If you just need an app for printing photos and documents already on your iPhone, I would recommend giving this app a try.

ActivePrint Lite

by Pocket Watch, LLC.

Although this app only works with windows, it has a wide range of features that can make printing just about anything on your iPhone a snap. You can print photos, contacts, or anything on your clipboard. There is a built in notepad for writing or pasting text to print and also a built in web browser for printing web pages.

Epson iPrint


The official photo printing application for epson lets you print to your Epson wireless printer at different sizes, and connecting to the printer is quick and simple with Epson's automatic printer discovery feature

Print Magic

by Wellala, Inc.

This is one of the most popular printing apps, as it has been featured as "New and Noteworthy" by Apple. It prints mote than just pictures, as it lets you print anything you can select and copy. A cool thing about Print Magic is it requires no additional software to work, but be warned many people are not able to get it to work on their printers. The developer, Wellala Inc., has issued a free app called "Print Test for Print Magic" which is free and checks to make sure your printer is compatible. If it works the full version is worth the price tag,