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Apps To Scare You

From time to time, everyone likes a good scare. Well, you may not have to look very far. Your iPhone and iPad can be loaded up with all sorts of frightening apps. We gather up some of the best ones in this AppList.

Slice HD

by SmallBall

Slice HD is the must-have scary app. This one is for iPad users. Your mission is to push knives out of the way in order to press a red button. The app is themed after the “Saw” franchise. What makes this app scary is the blood splattering. When you mess up it really does feel like you cut your finger. The realism in this app is truly scary. If you are looking for a nice fright, grab this one today.

Zombie Infection HD

by Gameloft

Zombie Infection HD provides a good scare. You are guided through this shooter as one of the last non-zombies. The scare comes in through all of the surprise attacks. It is also scary to think that you may actually become a zombie! The iPad version is glorious; and there is an iPhone version too.

Scream 4 HD

by The Weinstein Company

Scream 4 HD lets you play Ghost Face and hunt down and kill people. There is an iPhone version too, but the iPad version is the one to get if you can. Where the scare comes in for this one is the cops. Yes, there are cops that come after you and if you are not careful you will get shot down. It is not only scary, but frustrating making great progress in a level only to get shot down.

DOOM Resurrection

by id Software

DOOM Resurrection is an oldie, but a goodie. You play in a dark and scary land. As you battle your way through the levels you will certainly be caught off guard and jump in your seat a few times. DOOM upscales great for iPad users, but also runs great in its native iPhone size.