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Back to school apps

Students everywhere are preparing to go back to school. There are many apps available to help students study efficiently and become more organized this school year. This AppList highlights some of our favorite apps to help students become more successful in school.


by Paul Pilone

Before the school year begins, students will want to start by getting themselves organized. Keep courses, grades, to-dos, and other information at your fingertips with iHomework. The universal app is integrated with Questria (, which provides you with a wealth of material for all of your researching needs. The app also allows you to sync information across all of your iDevices and your Mac. The app needs a bit of updating when it comes to iCloud support, but if you are still running iOS 6, you will be able to use this function.

iTunes U

by Apple

If you are in search of generalized content for any of the courses that you may be taking, look no further than iTunes U. It is a universal app that presents you with material from universities and schools across the globe. There are over 750,000 free books, videos, and lectures available to browse through when you are in need of assistance with your assignments. Many other functions are included, and iTunes U runs on iOS 7 or later. Dictionary & Thesaurus

by, LLC

Now that your homework is organized and you have a wealth of course information on your iDevices, try when you are looking for what to research or write. Find just about anything that you are looking for with this iPhone app, including Medical and Science terms. You can also translate up to 30 languages and more. works on or offline. If you prefer, there is an iPad-only version available.

National Geographic World Atlas

by National Geographic Society

Students in almost all grades will need to refer to an atlas now and then. Find the location you are seeking with the help of National Geographic World Atlas. Maps are presented in great detail. Get directions, find out what the weather is, or convert currencies. Please be aware that you will need Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, but if desired, you can download maps for later use offline. National Geographic World Atlas is optimized for iDevices with high definition displays.

Wikipanion for iPad

by Robert Chin

Find Wikipedia entries quickly with Wikipanion for iPad. Easily find what you are looking for by using the History and Bookmarking features, browse the table of contents, look up Wiktionary terms from within the current page, and more. You also have ability to sync with iCloud and save images to your Photo Library when needed.


by Cooliris, Inc

Perhaps you are a visual learner. If so, keep Cooliris on your iDevices and view whatever it is that you may be learning or talking about. Its 3D photo wall will come in handy when you need visual representation. Regardless of what you are studying in school this year, Cooliris is a universal app that will bring your teacher's words to life.


by Evernote

You’ve organized your homework, have course information and other references available, maps that show you the Earth, and photos of what you are seeking. Now you'll need to take notes. Evernote is a free, universal app in which you may record your notes, either in the classic manner or in the form of photos. Simply download and enter a username and choose your password. Take snapshots of assignments or your syllabus. Keeping track of your teacher’s class and assignment rules has never been easier. Since Evernote is universal, you are able to sync across all iDevices and your Mac. Being prepared for class will be a breeze.


by Connor Zwick

After taking notes, prepare for each test by making virtual flashcards with Flashcards+. This universal app allows you to create a vast amount of flashcards on any of your iDevices, and will pronounce your information in up to 22 languages. There are sets of flashcards that are premade if you so desire, or of course you can customize your own, as most students will need to do. There is no longer a need to make large sets of flashcards by hand, so you will now able to spend more time studying. Flashcards+ does its part to help you pass your quizzes and test with flying colors.


by Dropbox

Back up all of those important papers with the assistance of powerful Dropbox. It’s as simple as downloading Dropbox onto computer and iDevices. You must create an account, and the first 2 GB of space are free. Access the content which you have saved from within the universal app on your computer or iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You will always have all of your papers in one place for class this year.

My Grades & Homework

by Roxanne Brittain

After all of the hard work you have done this school year, keep track of the grades that you have studied so hard to earn with My Grades & Homework. Calculate your assignment grades, course grades, and GPA. The app has a clean and organized user interface, and is compatible with the above Dropbox app. If you forget to back up your data, there is a feature available for that. Once you have set this feature up, the app will automatically back up your data once per week. Now that you have these resourceful apps at hand, it is up to you to keep up those great grades!