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Appracadabra! Best Magic Apps

Whether you're an aspiring amateur magician or a seasoned pro, these Magic Trick apps are some of the best available in the App Store. This Applist will help you load your iPhone with amazing tricks to amaze your friends!

Magic Wallet

by Hottrix

Need your own stimulus plan? HOTTRIX is the go to developer for magic tricks to impress your friends. Magic Wallet is a great example of their magic apps anyone can perform with their iPhone. It's a wonderfully graphic interface that has all the detail and slick movements to be a very impressive, impromptu magic trick. As with most tricks this impressive, there is a little rehearsing necessary, but you should be performing this awesome effect in just a few minutes after downloading. By the way, if you're a more serious magician looking for even more secret apps, check out HOTTRIX's website to discover a "back door" app store that has been developed to hide some of HOTTRIX's more powerful magic applications!

Amazing Magic Match

by Alakazapps

Excellent combination of techno-magic and good ole' slide of hand. Magic Match Trick is a perfect pocket trick that has superior graphics and accurate touch motion. The matchbox fits well on the iPhone screen and makes good use of it. Short time practicing and minimal set-up will be rewarded with a fun to perform, highly effective magic trick. If you have an iPad, you'll definitely to check out the HD version of this trick made just for the iPad.


by Rostami Magic

iForce is a must have if your goal is to leave your friends with that dumbfounded, "What the heck?" look on their face. A truly ingenious UI allows you to predict almost anything your friend is thinking. As with most magic tricks some practice and preparation are required but the pay-off is worth it. Part of the illusion is the way the app looks. It's not some weird looking magic app, but actually just looks like a simple doodling app that allows the magician to write the prediction with his finger. Pull your iPhone out of your pocket, launch the app, amaze your friends. That simple. That good!

Pyro - Magic Trick

by Fox Mobile Distribution

This is one of my favorites! The graphics and mysterious background are very cool. And the effect leaves people wondering if your iPhone can do something theirs can't. Four candles are burning on a spooky altar. Ask your friend to choose one of the candles. Then gently blow on your iPhone and all the candles flicker with your breath until the candle they chose blows out! Then you can hand you iPhone to them to try for themselves. No matter how hard they blow they can't get the candles to even flicker, much less blow out. Definitely one of the best most undetectable magic tricks for th iPhone!

iSensor Magic

by iSensor Magic

Cool quick trick and easy to perform. Launch the app and have someone pick one of five ESP symbols. Turn your iPhone over with the screen down, wave your hands over it and then pick it up to reveal that the iPhone has chosen their symbol. Simple and usually only effective once with each person, but it's still a good starter for an iPhone magic show.

Marty's Magic Coin

by Marty Weiner

Another great, simple coin trick utilizing the accelerometer of the iPhone along with great colorful graphics. Just ask for a quarter from you group of friends and rub it right into the iPhone screen! Onlookers can watch the quarter roll around inside your iPhone! Then, when you're ready just shake and the quarter falls right out onto the table! This one is very easy to learn and also educates you in some important slide of hand.

Magic Lesson

by Ignition Soft Limited

If you're looking for some great tutorials with easy to follow video instructions, this is the app for you. The Magic Trick Lessons app also has a sister app for the iPad. Both offer good, simple to follow video tutorials that will have you performing some great effects. Though they aren't performed on the iPhone, this teaching app is a great tool for some other close up card and other small prop magic. Only negative is the music in the background of the videos. Not bad but it's the same music over and over again for every tutorial.

Freak Out!

by Freak Them Out Inc.

This one's got it all! The effect leaves most people speechless. Have a friend pick any two cards from a deck. Shuffle them back in and then find them on your iPhone in a spectacular fashion. And the last card actually slides right off your iPhone screen into your hand! Simple to perform and extremely effective, this app takes iPhone magic to the next level!