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Fun iPhone Photo Apps

Taking photographs with your iPhone is something that people do practically every day. Are you bored with just cropping, rotating, or using flash? Would you like to add more fun and flair to your photos? There are tons of things that you can do to spice up your snapshots. For this AppList, we have chosen some extraordinary photo apps to help bring out your creative side. Check out these entertaining apps that are sure to make your photos fun.


by Toon-FX

Cartoon and comic apps are extremely popular. One of the first apps to marry this trend with photography was ToonPAINT. Select a photo from your iPhone or iPod touch, or take a new one. Then watch it transform into a neat black-and-white cartoon. You can leave it as is, or paint it as desired. If you'd like to switch colors in the palette, simply double-tap on the little blobs of color. You are can move the slider around, creating any hue of the rainbow, so your color choices are unlimited. Use your fingers to paint wherever you desire, or use the app's ToonColor feature to do the painting for you. The app has help features, support for 10 languages, and is addictively fun.

Halftone 2 - Comic Maker

by Juicy Bits

Speaking of cartoons, have you ever wanted to be the star of your own personal comic strip? If your answer is yes, then Halftone 2 - Comic Maker can make your dreams come true. Using an aged half-tone style printing effect on your photos, this universal app truly makes your photo look like the pages of an old comic book. The app makes it very easy, using a sophisticated graphics engine based upon mathematical vectors. There are tons of different comic art effects, fonts, papers, speech bubbles, the option to double-tap to zoom in on features, and more. Share your finished creation via email, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Flickr, and more.

Pop Dot Comics

by JixiPix Software

Pop Dot Comics is a unique photo app that brings comics and cartoons together in different ways than the other two apps mentioned above. You are able to make photos that look like comics and cartoons, but there are other many options regarding how you want them to look. Turn your photo of choice into a brightly colored rendering of '60s pop art, cartoons that look aged and vintage, or black and white. Aside from the five cartoon styles available, there are tons of features. Control every aspect of color, outlining, borders, and more. You can also choose between Dots (including Benday Dots), Lines, or Halftones. Add sound effects and speech bubbles. When you're done, you can save the item to your camera roll. Share the fun with others through email, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.


by Alexey Ivanov

How about putting your face on a billboard, a stamp, or in an Andy Warhol-like work of pop-art? PhotoFunia can do that, and make it look very realistic. Turn your photo into a Mona Lisa painting. If you have ever wanted to look like a bodybuilder, now is your chance to look buff. Instead of cutting and pasting, PhotoFunia takes a different approach by finding your face in the photograph and melding it with one of the app's 300 scenes. Experiment until you are happy with the results, then share via Facebook or Twitter. You can even pick a photo from your Facebook album to play with. Please note that you must have Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity for this app to work.

SpaceEffect- The Best Foto Effect Editor + Funny Photo Cam Blender + Cool Filter & Lens Enhancer for Instagram & Facebook & Evernote & Flickr & Dropbox & Messenger & SMS & Mail &KIK FREE

by click2mobile

A neat way to spice up your photos is to make them glow. SpaceEffect - Awesome Pic & Fotos FX Editor FREE fits the bill. The app has over 75 textures and effects, including glow and flame effects. Choose the photo you want to alter, then completely transform it. You can make jaw-dropping photos by layering an unlimited number of effects. There are 10 brushes to choose from. You can draw and erase, change the opacity and brightness of effects, or flip your picture a different way. When you are done working your magic, save the photo to your camera roll. You'll want to share it with others, and you can do so via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr.

InstaMosaic - Photo Mosaic Generator

by Legendary Software Labs LLC

A mosaic is one big photo that has been created from hundreds of other tiny photos. InstaMosaic - Photo Mosaic Generator can create a mosaic for you with ease. All you need to do is pick a photograph from your camera roll, Facebook, or take a new photo with your iPhone's camera. Afterwards, choose a target image and which images you would like the target image to be made up of. Before you know it, you are looking at your very own mosaic. The app itself has a beautiful UI, is simple to use, and produces flawless results. If you're a shutterbug, making a mosaic is a wonderful way to use all of those photos on your iPhone. Save to your camera roll and share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


by Tinrocket, LLC

Percolator is something like a mosaic. Inspired by the bubbles on the surface of a cup of coffee, Percolator is a universal app that adds quite a colorful touch to your photos. The results are reminiscent of a mosaic, but circles are used instead of squares. The controls are dial-based, the user interface is easy to use and easy on the eyes with its unique vintage look. The app has been updated to add a new Brew called Ray Ray, which allows you to add cubist angles to your photo styling. Mix and match different colors and types of bubbles for an unusual and fun take on your photos.


by Moonfrye, Inc.

If you would like to make your photos look crafty, Moonfrye is the app for you. The app encourages parents to share photos with their children, make collages, and think outside of the box. There are lots of fun themes, such as Mermaid and '80s. Each theme has its own digital and audio features, along with stickers and backgrounds. You can add text to your photos, making for an even more personal and fun photo morphing experience. Use photos from your camera roll and put yourself pretty much anywhere in the world with Moonfrye's cuout feature. Allow the app's auto-detect feature to take a picture, and it will put whoever you've captured right into a theme. Better yet, new themes will be updated and available weekly, free to download. The more you use the app, the more features you unlock. The app also has its own gallery, community, giveaways, and more.

Tiny Planet Photos


Want to go a little more highbrow? Turn your world into a tiny planet. This nifty app turns any photo into a convex or concave sphere. Keep in mind that this feature works best with landscapes, properly lined up to create a perfect little planet. You can still experiment with any sort of photo for fun, surprising effects. Once you are finished, save your tiny planet picture creations to your camera roll and share via email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr.


by Kris Collins

This universal app is sure to inspire you. Decim8 is not necessarily an app for everyone, but is well worth checking out. You know how sometimes your TV or computer will go on the fritz, showing a weird and glitchy screen? The developer of this app finds a type of postmodern beauty in that, and designed this app to mimic that effect on your photos. There are 25 effects, which are meant to be warped, and are never the same twice. Push the limits of your photos with this strange but intriguing app.


by 7twenty7 LLC

Videoscope draws inspiration from a variety of modern art sources. It is an amazing app that allows you to see the world through an entirely different lens. The app comes with four different scopes: Kaleidoscope, Pinscreen (3D pins), Impressionist (accelerometer-controlled particles), and Brick Breaker (a mosaic you can break with your finger). All effects happen live, through your front or back camera. Alternatively, you can also choose a photo from your photo library and add effects after the fact. Videoscope is a universal app.


by Potluck

If you would like to be even more artistic, Over is the app for you. Are into adding text and artwork to your pictures? This universal app has it all. Pick your photo and add captions, memes, jokes, quotes, customized artwork, illustrations, and more. The text fonts are truly gorgeous and were elegantly made, so if you love fonts, you will love Over even more. You can even add your own fonts within the app, directly from your iPhone. Save your lovingly made photo art to your camera roll, and share via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Path, or Tumblr.

A Beautiful Mess

by Red Velvet Art LLC

Last but not least, if you like everything to look beautiful, try making your photos A Beautiful Mess. The app is simple to use, has tons of custom filters and fonts, phrases to add to your photos, and doodles that were drawn exclusively by the creators (Elsie and Emma) of the blog that inspired this app. A Beautiful Mess is a universal app that rolls all good and fun photo editing features into one, well, beautiful app.