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iPad Apps To Keep You Organized

Do you miss appointments or struggle with staying organized? Is it difficult for you to complete your work on time? Thanks to the wonderful world of apps, you can stay structured and on top of everything! In this AppList, we will help you find the right set of apps to start your journey towards becoming more organized.


by Evernote

A wonderful app to assist you in remembering and organizing pretty much everything is Evernote. It is incredibly easy to use, which is helpful when you have a lot to do and keep track of. Whether it's making a grocery list or taking notes for your next big project at work, Evernote has you covered. You are able to do things like record your voice, make notes of your to-dos and appointments, or even plan your next vacation. With features such as syncing your notes between your devices and your computers, the ability to share files with others, and connectivity between Evernote to many other apps, you'll find yourself becoming more organized in no time.


by Dropbox

Files are a very important thing to keep organized. Dropbox will ensure that files on which you are working on your computer will be easily accessed on another computer, or even your iDevices. You're able to take and share your photographs, videos, and documents anywhere with this amazing app. Sign up for a free account, which gives you 2 GB of storage space. When you add a file to your Dropbox account, it will instantaneously be pushed to all of your iDevices and computers for hassle-free access. This app is the essential file organizer and syncing solution for your computing uses.

Beep Me - Reminders - Basic edition

by Yaniv Kalsky

Beep Me - Reminders - Basic edition is a universal app with a gorgeous UI. When you're bogged down work, or just have a lot going on in your life, it can become easy to miss appointments. It's similar to the calendar app on your iDevice, so it will seem pleasantly familiar. I find it easier to use, because you don't have to go through all of the fields as you would in the calendar. Just make a memo, then set the "beep time" for when you would like it to go off. No more missing or being late to appointments! Beep Me is an app that showcases simplicity at its finest, and sometimes that's what we need when trying to stay organized and on track. Please note that this app is free, ad-supported, and you only get 3 reminders and alarm sounds. If you'd prefer not to be distracted by ads or be limited to how many reminders and alarms you're able to set, I'd recommend upgrading to the full version for just $1.99.

Awesome Note HD (+To-do/Calendar)


Awesome Note HD (+To-do/Calendar) not only helps you keep all of your thoughts and ideas in one place, but assists you in remembering birthdays and your scheduled needs throughout each day. Your important notes and anything that you have input in order to help organize your days will show right in Awesome Note HD's calendar. This is a major bonus, as a calendar function is essential when improving upon your organizational skills. The ability to set alarms for your to dos, transfer by syncing everything right to Google Docs or Evernote, and passcode protection for your safety make this a truly awesome helper to stay on top of things.

OmniFocus for iPad

by The Omni Group

A major part of any organizational system is a to do list app. We have mentioned other apps in this AppList that have to do functions included, but OmniFocus provides a complete workspace in which to get all of your tasks done in a no-nonsense manner. Having a game plan for the day will help you become more organized. Once you have used OmniFocus to organize your tasks into folders by importance, set start and due date reminders, and review your projects to stay on time, you'll feel accomplished and even more in control.

Last Time - track your important events

by Sarun Wongpatcharapakorn

Last Time - track your important events will make sure that you aren't wasting your precious time on unimportant things. Utilizing your time is key when it comes to organization. This app helps track what you do (or don't want to do), where you go, who you've visited, or even the last time that you have enjoyed a certain activity. You will find that when you start using Last Time regularly, you'll become better at managing your time. Learning to categorize what needs improvement in terms of time management will help put you back in control of your life, therefore becoming balanced in all areas. Personal Finance


Your finances need to be attended to just as much as other parts of your life need to be organized. is an app that integrates with a web service which tracks how are spending your money. This service is backed by Intuit, known to be very good with protecting your privacy. Simply link your bank accounts with this service, and it will tell you what you have spent your money on. You're able to set budgets that you'd like to stay within and do much more, right in the Mint website and/or app. is a universal app, and works just as well on your iPad as it does on your iPhone.

Amazon Mobile

by AMZN Mobile LLC

Once you have gotten your finances in order, what better time than to organize how you go about giving gifts? Amazon Mobile is a near perfect app for keeping well organized when purchasing presents, whether for others or for yourself. If you don't already have a free account, you can sign up for one quickly. From there you have instant access to your shopping cart, payment and shipping options available, and order tracking. Compare prices, check for item availability, browse detailed product reviews, and more. Create and share wish lists with family and friends. Turn on push notifications to receive delivery alerts, keeping you on top of when items are shipped and received. Amazon Mobile will help you organize your gift-giving abilities to the fullest.

TripIt - Travel Organizer (no ads)

by TripIt

Now that your finances and gift options are more in control, not only will you be able to give gifts, but you may be able to afford going on a trip. Or, perhaps you travel for business. TripIt - Travel Organizer (no ads) is the ultimate travel organizer. You won't need to enter a bunch of information, because this app works by reading emails that you have forwarded to its service. TripIt will add the appropriate data to the app, creating a personalized itinerary for you! This a wonderful organizational tool, and an essential app for those who would like to take the stress out of travel.

Sticky Notes for iPad

by tewks

Sticky Notes for iPad is a very helpful and productive way to stay organized. Long gone are the days of random pieces of paper cluttering your desks and countertops! This app, designed just for the iPad, is cutting edge. Complete with voice dictation (available on the newer iPad models), Sticky Notes for iPad boasts gorgeous "digital sticky notes." They come in different bright colors and fonts, so it is nearly impossible to lose your random important notes or thoughts. This app is indispensable when you have many things to keep track of, yet do not want anything too complicated.

Habits Pro - Organizer for Goals, Tasks and Health Tracking

by Track & Share Apps, LLC

Good habits will help you to become an organized, focused individual. Things like planning and finishing your to dos, managing your time in order to be productive, keeping a tidy calendar, and sticking to your financial budgets are all very good habits to practice. Habits Pro will assist you in living a healthy life and teach you how to better exercise your brain and mind. You can add in other topics as you please. It has password protection, graphs, and more. Habits Pro, along with the other apps mentioned in this AppList, will help you along in your journey towards becoming as organized as you want to be.