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Go Green And Save Green

Becoming ecologically friendly is not as complicated as one may think. One easy way to go green is with the help of some great apps to educate you in becoming more environmentally aware. Monitor your energy habits and more to learn what it means to live a greener lifestyle. With the help of this AppList, you will find out that when you go green, you will save green.

Electricity Meter Reader - WattBuddy

by WattB LLC

One great way to start conserving energy is by reducing your electricity usage. Electricity Meter Reader - WattBuddy is an iPhone app that has three simple steps to help you cut costs and use less electricity: track, graph, and save. The track feature will tell you exactly how much electricity you are using by reading your analog or digital electricity meter. WattBuddy also accepts Greenbutton XML files. When you find appliances that use loads of electricity, try to use them less - or stop using them completely if they are not necessities. The graph feature will show you just how much electric you use weekly, daily, or even hourly. Try to lower your usage at all times. The final step, save, will provide you with offers from other suppliers and even calculate how much you could save by switching suppliers. Please note: currently, the app currently provides estimated costs in every US state. Money-saving offers are currently provided for PA and TX.


by GoodGuide, Inc.

Help the Earth further by changing how you shop and what you buy. GoodGuide is an excellent iPhone app that has ratings and information for over 175,000 personal care items, food (including pet food), household cleaners, toys, paper products, and more. You will learn which products are less toxic than others and what companies have the most environmentally friendly track records. Simply use your iPhone's camera to scan bar codes and find out if the items rate high or low based on health, environmental, and social impact. If you have chosen an item that rates low, GoodGuide now provides alternative options by the same brands.

Seafood Watch

by Monterey Bay Aquarium

Are you a seafood lover? If so, Seafood Watch is a must-have iPhone app. Become conscious of what you are eating by researching which seafood is harvested safely. The app will also tell you which restaurants serve ocean-friendly fish. Seafood can be sorted by three rankings: "Best Choice," "Good Alternative," or "Avoid." Seafood Watch is always up-to-date and very reliable.


by ClimateX

Being aware of climate change actions is easy with #climate. This iPhone app gathers the biggest climate changing actions from a carefully put together list of organizations, allowing you to view actions that have had the most impact. From anti-fracking campaigns to saving the rainforests, there are many environmental campaigns for you to learn about or even become involved with. While educating yourself, you will also be spreading the word to others when you share your favorites via Twitter and Facebook. Creating larger movements will create bigger and better results for the planet.


by Earth911, Inc.

Recycling is one of the best and easiest ways to be "green." Many do not recycle because they are too busy, live in a strict recycling state, or simply do not know what can or cannot be recycled. Instead of becoming frustrated and putting everything in your trash can, take advantage of iRecycle. This universal app lists over 350 materials which can be recycled in over 1,600,000 different ways. The app will even tell you where you can recycle your items by inputting your current location via Zip Code, city or address.


by Readabl, Inc.

Even those who do not mind what they are doing to the environment cannot stand junk mail. Wouldn't it be nice to never have a huge pile of mail to sift through in order to find that one special piece of mail you have been waiting for? PaperKarma is here to save the day. The app was developed to give smartphone users a simple way to solve their junk mail problems. When you receive a piece of mail that you do not want, just take a picture of it. The app will then contact the sender and have your name removed from their mailing list. While this method is not completely foolproof, it will most definitely cut down on a ton of unwanted junk mail and wasted paper.


by Zipcar

Zipcar is a car-sharing service that is a wonderful option for those living in big cities, encouraging a car-optional lifestyle. If you do not absolutely need to drive a car every day, why do it? Not only will you be living greener, you will save money on gas, plus car payments and maintenance. The Zipcar app for iPhone will show you what cars are available and any upcoming reservations when you are on the go.

Project Noah

by Networked Organisms

Get in touch with the world that you are now working to preserve with Project Noah. Touch base with the naturalist within you by tracking the flora and fauna you see, get local guides for what grows and lives around you, and take part in "field missions" to assist local labs in collecting data for their projects. This iPhone app will make your outdoor time fun and productive for adults and children alike. We hope that this AppList has inspired you to live greener - and saves you some green in the process.