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Apps for Halloween

It's time for candy, mayhem, and the macabre. Get into the Halloween spirit with these apps for the iPhone and iPad. From a zombie photo booth to an app that'll creep you out more than any haunted house will, this AppList will bring out and scare the kid in you.

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

by AMC Network Entertainment LLC

If you're a die-hard fan of the hit tv series The Walking Dead, then you have probably always wondered what you'd look like as a zombie from the show. Wonder no more! Transform yourself and friends into the zombies we know and love from the tv show with The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself.


by gamedoctors

ZombieSmash is one of the most fun tower defense games for your iOS device. Defend your house by grabbing and flicking zombies. What really sets it apart is its attention to graphical detail and sleekness. There are tons of upgradeable weapons, making it incredibly addictive.

True Ghost Stories From Around the World

by Joe Kwon, Inc

Before you go out trick-or-treating, you'll certainly want to hear some ghost stories. Telling, reading, and listening to some ghost stories is a Halloween tradition for a reason. The ghost stories on True Ghost Stories From Around the World are user-submitted, so if you have a good one that's not already there, submit it!

Dracula HD

by Inverted Pear

Revel in some classic horror as you brush up on your literature. Dracula HD brings you Bram Stoker's classic tale in a bite-sized, animated version. The novel is abridged into 47 pages with audio accompaniment.

Haunting Melissa

by Hooked Digital Media, LLC

You've read ghost stories and even brushed up on Bram Stoker's Dracula. It's now time for the real scare. Unravel the story of Melissa and find out where she has disappeared to through this bone-chilling interactive app that is prepping for its sequel currently. Think you saw something in the corner? Replay the clip to see if it's still there. This app is sure to leave you creeped out and scared of your own iDevice!

Papa Sangre II

by Playground Publishing B.V.

Papa Sangre II is a chilling app that uses audio to instill fright upon you. When you begin, you are dead, and he only way for you to get back to the side of the living is to hunt memories of the dead. This app includes 18 levels all guided by the voice of celebrity, Sean Bean. If you're looking for a game that is completely unique and quite immersive, grab this!

Ghost Radar®: LEGACY

by Spud Pickles

Spook your friends and family with this ghost detector. It picks up specters around you and records what they're saying. Tweak radar settings and watch the blips appear and disappear.

Free Halloween Sounds Pro

by Dream Injector, LLC

Organizing a Halloween party or just looking to freak out your friends? Get Free Halloween Sounds Pro. There could be more sounds in its arsenal, but its time delay feature makes it worth getting. Instead of getting caught with your phone in your hand as you play the sound, use the "Timer Trickeration" feature, pick a sound, delay it, and walk away.

A StoryBots Halloween - Starring You as a Ghost, Vampire, Frankenstein, Werewolf & Mummy for Kids, Parents, Teachers

by JibJab Media Inc.

A Storybots Halloween is a cute, little treat. Cast five characters; a vampire, ghost, mummy, werewolf, and Frankenstein by taking a photo of yourself or loved one and cropping it to fit the character cutout. Once you've got your stars casted, sit back and hit "Play Now!" You will be delighted by a fun video that is sure to make everyone chuckle and put them in the Halloween spirit.

Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book

by Disney

If you're celebrating Halloween with some young ones, get Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book. Designed for very young children (probably best for those under 4), this app leads kids through a simple story and is interspersed with puzzles.

Halloween Card Creator - Free

by Big Blue Clip, LLC

Halloween Card Maker is a great way to get the kids engaged with the festivities. They just choose a background and add items like stickers, texts, or photos from the Photo Album. It is a simple app, but it is an ideal one to get the kids' creativity churning.

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Maker FREE

by Detention Apps

If you haven't gotten around to pumpkin carving this year or if you just don't like the mess that comes with this tradition, download Happy Halloween Pumpkin Maker FREE. It's a great app to keep children in the Halloween spirit without the stress of the clean up process.

Mikey Shorts Halloween

by BeaverTap Games, LLC

If you are a fan of BeaverTap Games' Mikey Shorts, then you'll want to make sure you've got Mikey Shorts Halloween. You'll enjoy running, jumping, and sliding through the night as Mikey to help free spirits from statues. This version includes 4 levels, 2 different Halloween environments, 90 disguises that you can wear, and a ton more fun content.

Haunted Hollow

by 2K Games

If you are a competitive player and are looking to take on your friends, but still want to stay engrossed in the Halloween spirit, Haunted Hollow may be the game for you. Build a mansion with multiple rooms that spawn a variety of monsters to overtake your opponent and seize the village below. Play against friends through Game Center or through the Pass n Play feature. If you'd rather play alone, no worries, there's a single player mode that allows you to battle against the computer.

Todo Candy - All Candy Reviews

by Soforreal Web LLC

Be on top of what the latest and greatest candy is with Todo Candy. This app provides the honest truth about candies and whether or not they have passed or failed the review with this blog app.