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Apps With Holiday-Themed Updates And Special Editions

There are many apps that we are familiar with and love no matter what time of year it is. Many of these apps have added fun holiday extras, or even released a separate app for the occasion, to help celebrate this festive season. Here is a collection of apps that are all decked out for Christmas. They are sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition

by [adult swim]

If you are a fan of the original game, Robot Unicorn Attack, you will love Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas Edition. It is a separate app that oozes quirky Christmas charm. Running through this wintery, otherwordly land is fun from every angle.

Clash of Clans

by Supercell

While building villages and battling goblins in Clash of Clans, take some time to enjoy the special holiday updates. Christmas sounds and snowy sights have been added. In addition, you can search for hidden jingle-bearing trees. Feeling frisky? Use the limited edition defense, Santa Strike, to call for an air strike of explosive presents.

Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition

by FDG Entertainment

Those who enjoy Beyond Ynth will definitely enjoy this separate "Xmas Edition." If you are not familiar with this game, it is an adventure and puzzler game. You play as a little ladybug who is on a very challenging journey. This game is a gift from the app's developers, and a very merry one at that.


by Blindlight Apps

Shatoetry requires you to pick the words that you'd like to make up your "Shatism." Choose how many pauses you want in your sentence or phrase, and William Shatner will recite what you've created. In this Christmas update, there are holiday-themed backgrounds and words to make your Shatism even more appropriate for the season.

Subway Surfers

by Kiloo

Subway Surfers will have you jumping, ducking, and dodging trains. Now that the holidays are here, you are able to surf through the snow-covered city of London. There is a limited edition Snowflake board to add to your limited edition items, a weekly Secret Holiday Gift to unlock, and more.

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

by Chillingo Ltd

The cute little monster, Om Nom, is ready for the season in Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. His box is dressed up for the holidays with candy canes, stockings, and other festive gear. Once in a while, he may pop up with a pair of antlers or a Santa hat as you are feeding him his Christmas candy. You're also able to make a holiday greeting card with Om Nom.

Snoopy’s Street Fair

by Beeline Interactive Europe Ltd

Christmas has come to Snoopy's Street Fair. Snow will fall in town, Snoopy and friends will don fuzzy winter mustaches, and Snoopy Claus will be coming. There are also many holiday extras to make your fair jolly and festive, so be sure to explore all of the exciting options.

justWink Greeting Cards

by American Greetings

If you want to take a break from playing all of these wonderfully updated games and special editions, why not send a greeting card? The app justWink Greeting Cards lets you send a personalized Christmas greeting right from your iPhone. There are over 200 cards and some really awesome holiday themes. Send via text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, or even snail mail.


by 505 Games (US), Inc.

Terraria takes you on an adventure through a pixelated land, digging through the world to find special items. As you are building your homes and fighting odd creatures, take some time to enjoy Christmas in Terraria. Ornaments are hidden in trees, and Elfa is a new Christmas Pet you can call on once you find your ornament.

Rail Rush


Rail Rush has you flying along the rails in your cart, grabbing gems and gold nuggets along the way. The holiday update brings a new world called Snow Land. Your new hero, Santa Claus, will help you get rid of the pesky rolling snowballs that may get in your way. Christmas music will make Rail Rush even more jolly along this holiday rail ride.

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

by Electronic Arts

Christmas has come to Springfield in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. A bookkeeping error has occurred, handing out way more gift cards in town than planned. You must find a way to deal with all of the money that will be spent. There are limited edition, holiday-themed quests that you can go on to find out the true meaning of Christmas. New characters, decorations, rides, and buildings are also amongst the many fun "gifts" available in this festive update.

Doodle Jump Christmas Special

by Lima Sky

Doodle Jump, a fan favorite, has its very own Christmas version. Doodle Jump Christmas Special places you into a complete winter wonderland. Help Doodle jump up as high as he can, but watch out for the chill-breath monster that can freeze him. This app will truly help you get into the Christmas spirit while having loads of fun.

Angry Birds Seasons

by Rovio Entertainment Ltd

This would not be a complete holiday list without Angry Birds Seasons, the seasonal version of the original Angry Birds. The app updates appropriately for each holiday. The Christmas season provides 25 snowy new levels with icy waters, presents, and decorations. Enjoy all of these cheery, special updates while they last throughout Christmas. 'Tis the season to game out!