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Reference Everything Imaginable With These iPad Apps

The iPad is a useful tool for referencing just about anything you can imagine. Why flip through the yellowing pages of a book with tiny print when you can access data clearly on your iPad's screen? From your standard dictionary to more niche apps involving health or science, you'll find everything in this AppList.


by Wolfram Alpha LLC

Now that Siri is available on the third and fourth generation iPad, you are able to ask her many things. However, Siri does not know everything. WolframAlpha is the app that will answer what Siri cannot. This smart app has over 25 years of information built into it (and is partly used in Siri's answers). You are able to ask WolframAlpha pretty much anything that you need an exact answer for, and receive it. Want to know how many people live on the island of Mauritius? Need information about morse code? Instant answers will be given to such questions. Keep in mind that WolframAlpha won't answer you out loud like Siri does, but this app can answer more of your questions. Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad

by, LLC

You can look up words at any time if you have a Wi-Fi connection, but when you don't have Wi-Fi available, Dictionary & Thesaurus for iPad is always able to answer. Get all of the information that you desire instantly. Each word has its definition, origin, pronunciation (complete with audio if you do have access to an internet connection), and related words. has recently added over 2,000 new words, a new Rhyming Dictionary with hundreds of thousands of rhymes, landscape mode, and more.

IMDb Movies & TV

by IMDb

With IMDB Movies & TV, you'll always have the latest information about the hottest new actors or actresses, the latest hit TV shows, and the biggest blockbuster movies. Do you need to know show times or what the newest DVD releases are? This universal app has you covered. If you choose, you can log in with your account to keep track of your must-see list or rate your favorites. IMDb's newest update features release dates for movies worldwide, heights of actors, and the iPad version even received a "light color option" for iOS 6 users.

Wikibot — A Wikipedia Articles Reader

by Avocado Hills, Inc.

Wikibot - A Wikipedia Articles Reader is a beautiful app that makes researching a truly pleasurable experience. It has bookmarking features, the ability to look up highlighted words for more details on whatever subject you're interested in, and more. Wikibot will sync with iCloud, and you can change the font to your liking or put an image in gallery mode to see a larger view. This app is universal, supports 36 different languages, and allows you to share what you are reading via Facebook or Twitter.

Shakespeare Pro

by Readdle

This is an outstanding Shakespeare app for the iPad. The app includes every play and poem Shakespeare has ever written. Shakespeare's entire First Folios and Quartos are in this app, even showing how they were published in his time. It has all the features of virtual books: auto-scrolling, a clickable outline, and font customization. Shakespeare Pro also has a concordance and glossary for easier browsing of his work. Furthermore, Shakespeare Pro includes additional information and cliff notes on plot and character.

WebMD for iPad

by WebMD

WebMD for iPad has a large amount of medical and health data for those interested or in need. You can search medications details, find out what is ailing you with its Symptom Checker, check what is needed for first-aid emergencies. The app also has the ability to find your nearest hospital. WebMD for iPad is very secure, allowing you to create and save custom lists of what you are researching. This app is a trusted tool for anyone needing medical information.

Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D

by Real Bodywork

This amazing app will teach you all about the anatomy of human muscles and bones using an impressive 3D viewer of the body. Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D lets you control said viewer, allowing for full rotation to explore every area. This app is helpful for medical personnel, athletes, students, and more. There are 6 quizzes to test your knowledge, seven 3D models, over 37 different body actions, and images that show you 145 plus muscles. Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D will teach you many different ways to learn about your body, whether you are studying for college or are using this app out of pure curiosity.

Human Anatomy Atlas SP

by Visible Body

Human Anatomy Atlas SP will give you even more insight into the human body. You are able to see over 400 3D models of bones, ligaments, and teeth. The models are incredibly clear and concise, and you can zoom in and out as close as you need to. Quizzes, definitions, and images are included in this free version. Human Anatomy Atlas SP is a free, universal app. Should you require more information, there are in-app purchases that give you access to every single area of the human body.

World Atlas 2013 HD

by Peter Kaiser

Do you remember having a large, spinning world atlas in your classroom when you were a child? This app has the same amount of geographical information, but more detailed, and it's on your iPad! World Atlas 2013 HD features four maps that you can zoom in on: time zone, satellite, physical, and political. There are three different types of maps for bigger zoom options, a compass that shows your path, and very good details on each country.

Google Earth

by Google, Inc.

Google Earth allows you to zoom in on any location in the world. The views are stunningly clear. Once you're there, you can view satellite and aerial imagery. If you would like to know more about the location you have chosen, you can view geo-located Wikipedia articles right from the app. Google Earth lets you see the world at street level, which is helpful for finding directions to new locations. This app also provides 3D directions for driving, walking, or even biking.


by NASA Ames Research Center

Have you ever yearned to learn about space? There is no better source to learn from than NASA itself, the "pioneers of space." With this app, which is now universal, you can view thousands of images from NASA to further explore the galaxy. Get on-demand video and information on missions or launches. View countdowns, browse over 11,000 images, and much more. Using the NASA app almost makes you feel like you're actually in outer space. Share the information that you have discovered via Facebook or Twitter to make your experience even more out of this world.

Star Walk™ HD - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide

by Vito Technology Inc.

Star Walk HD - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide takes full advantage of the iPad, making stargazing a fun and amazing activity. The app opens to a screen that shows the phases of the moon for the past 2 days, current day, and next 2 days. Information is also provided on the sunrise and sunset, along with the rising and setting of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Closing that screen allows you to see the sky, stars and galaxies directly behind your iPad. Turn with your device, and the screen will give you a live update, showing you the sky behind it. As you move your device into various positions, the screen will show all of the stars and constellations in the sky at those positions. Click on stars to get details about the type of that star, its distance from the planet, and other far out details. Additional features include picture of the day, the option to bookmark your observations, and the ability to move time forward (or backwards) to see what the sky will look like (or how it would have looked).

Solar Walk™ - 3D Solar System model

by Vito Technology Inc.

Solar Walk - 3D Solar System model is a very realistic 3D rendering of our universe. This universal app is like having your own planetarium on your iDevice. The solar system is completely interactive. You are able to zoom in to focus on one planet or its moons, or choose to zoom out and see the entire solar system. Solar Walk also has the amazing ability to manipulate time. This allows you to see the planets rotating around the sun, and the moons rotating around the planets. Tapping each planet allows you to read in-depth details, including how the planet got its name. Specific facts and figures like the radius, volume, mass, density, and surface area of the planet can also be found within this impressive app. There are movies to help explain different phenomena on our planet. Do you have an Apple TV 2? If so, you can mirror your device's screen right onto it. Best of all, you do not even need Wi-Fi connectivity. New missions have recently been added as well.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

by Touch Press

The Elements: A Visual Exploration gives a breathtaking look at the periodic table of elements. The digital version of Theodore Gray’s book “The Elements” is as visually stunning as it is informative. The “Table of Contents” is the actual periodic table, and each element is selectable with a simple touch. A touch of each element reveals two new pages per element. The first page shows a rotating picture of the element, along with a column of details about the element’s scientific properties. The second page provides an in-depth narrative, explaining where the element comes from, many of its uses, and visual examples of it in daily life. Information comes from WolframAlpha, giving this app a large amount of knowledge within. Samples are shown in high resolution, and many languages are supported.

Math Ref

by Happy Maau Studios, LLC

Math Ref is a universal app that will tell you all about math. If you know what you are searching for, simply type it into the search box and you will find the formula that you are seeking. If you do not know what you are looking for, you can browse the entire collection. The app includes information on Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Series/Sequences, Derivatives, Table of Integrals, Differential Equations, Discrete Math, Physics, Chemistry, Periodic Table, Algorithms, Financial Math, the Greek Alphabet, and more. Math Ref is loaded with tons of useful information, and you will surely become a math whiz after using it. If you are running iOS 6 on your iDevice, you are able to use Twitter and other services to share single formulas. Printing has been updated, as well as a host of other items.

HTML5 Reference Guide

by Evolonix

Website designers that want to use HTML5 will find this app to be quite useful. HTML5 Reference Guide contains information on tags, standard attributes, and event attributes for HTML5. You are able to mark your favorite items and print them as well. The app is universal, so it will run smoothly on all of your iOS devices.

Wolfram Plants Reference App

by Wolfram Alpha LLC

If you are interested in landscaping or gardening, Wolfram Plants Reference App is a good app to check out. This universal app draws its data from the Wolfram Alpha engine that some of the other apps mentioned in this AppList are powered by (as well as Siri). You are provided with information on over 170,000 plants and 100,000 different species. Both physical and taxonomic data are given at varied levels. This allows you to figure out growth curves for trees, learn common and scientific names, or simply learn what kinds of plants you see on a daily basis. Wolfram Plants Reference app can be used on Wi-Fi or over 3G or 4G connections.

Boater's Pocket Reference

by Double Dog Studios

Boater's Pocket Reference packs over 1,800 pages of useful information into its app. Also included are 800 illustrations and photos, along with many graphs and charts. This a must-have app for new or seasoned boaters, and it is universal, making it handy no matter what iDevice you're using. Boater's Pocket Reference contains how-to information, figures, and formulas. This is a good reference app for piloting, navigation, communication, medical information, weather, boat types, and other essential concepts.

Art Authority for iPad

by Open Door Networks, Inc.

Art Authority is like a personal museum for your iPad that is open all day. Types of art are organized into eight categories: Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romanticism, Impressionism, Modern, Contemporary, and American. If you do not care for the way they have automatically organized their "rooms," you can choose to use the index and browse by artist. The app lists its paintings by title, year, materials, size, and location. Unfortunately, there isn't more information about the pieces than that. However, the works of art are all in high resolution, so you can see every brushstroke when you zoom in. Offline access is available, which can be quite handy while looking at the large amount of art available. You can send paintings that you have discovered to friends via Facebook or Twitter (iOS 6 and up only), or save them to your photo library. If you are particularly enamored by certain paintings, you can order framed reproductions (within the U.S. and Canada) to adorn the walls of your home.

Quotebook — A Notebook for Quotes

by Lickability

If you are starting to accumulate lots of interesting info or "snippets," Quotebook - A Notebook for Quotes is the perfect app to keep track of them. This app is universal, and is ideal for referencing because it comes with nothing in it. The app is empty, just as a notebook would be when you bring it home from a store. Quotebook is essential for storing and organizing things that you have read, such as information that may have appealed to you in this AppList. You are able to organize your "clippings" by using tags (which are now capitalized by default), authors, the places you got them from, and even ratings. Sync your favorite bits and pieces of knowledge between your iPad and iPhone. Are you finished compiling your Quotebook? You can share with friends at your leisure via Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, email, and other available options.