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iPhone Apps For A Night Out

Going out tonight? Be prepared! Whether you're gearing up for a night of culture, a romantic date, or a lost weekend to rival "The Hangover," we've got you covered. From picking out what you're going to wear, to late night eats, these apps will get you from A to B.


by left brain / right brain, LLC

Stylebook is the godsend when it comes to figuring out what you're going to wear tonight. Organize and sort your own closet with a couple of clicks on your phone. Take a picture of your stuff, create outfits, get style inspiration, read fashion advice, and much more. Instead of obsessing over what you're going to wear tonight in your head, do it on your iPhone and avoid the chaos.

Stylebook Men: Closet Organizer & Assistant

by left brain / right brain, LLC

Guys, you can't go around in the same ratty t-shirt and jeans for your entire life. Get the guy version of the previous app, Stylebook Men. Organize your closet, pick what you're going to wear, and best of all, get style advice right on the app. You have no excuses for not being the most handsome guy at the bar tonight.


by Jeraff, Inc

Need some help in planning your activities? Meet Well, a beautiful marriage of social networking and going out. Make to-do lists for anything and get suggestions from all of your friends.

BarNotes – social cocktail and drink recipes

by BarNotes

If your activities for the night include drinking and you love trying new drinks, BarNotes is a great social app where cocktail enthusiasts can unite. Find the best mixologist in your area or learn a recipe to impress your friends before going out.



Don't be that unpleasant friend who ruins the entire evening. Use iDrinkSmarter to keep yourself from falling into the abyss and waking up with regrets. This app uses a personalized chart that calculates your Blood Alcohol Concentration for the night. Get alerts that remind you to check yourself and maybe take a little walk instead of another shot.


by Yelp

Even though there are tons of competing resources for food and drink recommendations, Yelp is still one of the most popular review sites out there. Reap the benefits of its millions of users and reviews to find the perfect spot for your night out ahead of time or on the fly. Every search you make can be narrowed down with filters like whether the place is open now, how expensive it is, and whether or not it accepts credit cards.


by Urbanspoon

If you need more detailed information about a restaurant than what Yelp offers, then you'll want to have Urbanspoon on your iPhone. On top of user reviews, this app lets you know the price range of dishes offered and provides you with the menu of any restaurant in their database.


by OpenTable, Inc.

If you are going to a fancy restaurant that usually requires a reservation to get in, then be sure you have OpenTable on your phone. With over 20,000 restaurants from the US, Canada, and Mexico accessible, this app will make reserving a table easier than ever.

BestParking - Find the Best Daily and Monthly Parking Garages & Lots in North American Cities & Airports


Parking can be downright awful and finding a parking spot can take up a good amount of your time. Best Parking will pull up all of the parking garages near you and find you the cheapest one. Search for places near you and see their hours of operation, phone number, and whether they take credit cards. Wine Info

by Applied Ambiguities, LLC

Haven't gotten around to learning about wine? will pull up all sorts of information about any wine on the menu and help you make an informed decision.

Tip Calculator Free

by iHandy Inc.

You've just had an awesome dinner with your heaps of friends and have to figure out the tip. Instead of fumbling with a pen and the back of the receipt, use Tip Calculator. Put in the total check amount, the percent you want to tip, and the number of people at the table. All done. No embarrassing displays of your sub-par math skills tonight.


by Poynt Corporation

Done with dinner? Don't let the night end now. Download Poynt and search for showtimes, events, and offers near you. If you feel up for a movie, search by theater, view Rotten Tomatoes rankings, and send the details to a contact. For events, search by venue, performer, and category.

Honk - Find Car, Parking Meter Alarm and Nearby Places

by Math Game House LLC

Parked on the curb? Prone to losing your car the second you turn the corner? Honk will track the time on your meter and has "bread-crumb trailing" to find your car. An additional feature of this app is its ability to search for nearby gas stations, ATMs, and cafes, which can be a lifesaver.

Taxi Magic

by RideCharge, Inc.

If you've had more than enough to drink, don't sweat it. With just a few taps, Taxi Magic can get you a ride from over 4000 fleets in the US and Canada. Don’t attempt to drive or get yourself stranded. Keep everyone safe so we can all get home and start planning our next evening out.


by Instagram, Inc.

Surely you took pictures of your night out? Now that the night is over, it is time to share your photos with the world. Crop, rotate, and add a filter to your photo before sharing with the Instagram app. Better yet, link your Facebook or Twitter accounts so that you can easily share your photos from this app to your social media accounts.