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Photo Sharing Apps

If you love to take photos, you probably love to share them as well! Gone are the days of holding guests hostage and forcing them to sit through the slide show of your latest vacation. Many people don’t even bother with the expense and hassle of real photo albums anymore. Photo sharing on the internet is simply what most people do now. With more and more people leaving their point-and-shoot cameras at home in favor of using their iPhones, it’s even more important to have photo sharing apps. Here are some of our favorite ways to allow all of your friends, family, and followers to check out your latest shots. Most of these apps are free, so you may want to download a few and see what you like the best.


by Yahoo!

This popular website powered by Yahoo was one of the first photo-sharing sites to become a household name. It is used by professional photographers and hobbyists to showcase their work to the world. It’s also just as easily used by people who want to share personal snapshots, privately. If you’re on Flickr and you have an iPhone or iPod touch with camera, you’ll want to download this app so you can upload your photos and videos directly from your iDevice to the site. You can also use this app to explore others’ photos from around the world.


by Burbn, Inc.

This relatively new app has gained an enormous following in a surprisingly short time. Its ease of use, supportive community, and fun artsy filters all contribute to its popularity. When you upload each photo to your stream, you also have the option to upload it to Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous, Flickr, and/or Facebook at the same time. Hashtags make it easy to find photos of subjects you’re interested in, and lets other people find your photos as well.


by Path, Inc.

Similar in some ways to Instagram, Path also lets you create a photo stream. Unlike Instagram, where you can follow and be followed by thousands of people, Path asks you to choose just 50 of your closest friends and family members. It’s intended to be a “private social network”. Share photos, video, and chat with your friends right inside the app.


by Posterous

This is really a multi-media blogging app, but it lets you upload photos, videos (and text) quickly and easily to your own personal Posterous site from your iPhone or iPod touch. You can set up your account to automatically and simultaneously post your items to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Picasa, as well as many other similar sites, so you can pretty much reach all your friends on virtually every social network with this one great app.


by Tumblr

Tumblr is another popular way to blog. Use the app to upload photo, videos, and text. You can set it to post simultaneously to Twitter as well. If you’re a Tumblr blogger or would like to be one, you’ll want to download this app.

Shutterfly for iPhone

by Shutterfly

I have been using the Shutterfly website for many years and have thousands and thousands of photos stored there. It’s free, easy to use, and I have ordered many hard copies of my photos as well as photo books from there over the years. Now, you don’t even have to use a computer to upload photos to the site, just use this app. And, assuming you have a decent internet connection, you can access all of the photos you have stored on the site right from your iDevice. Show them off in person with a slide show or send links to your friends. If you use the site, definitely get the app.


by Hewlett Packard

Snapfish has a website very much like Shutterfly. The app is very similar as well. If you’re a Snapfish user with an iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll definitely want to download the app.


by Twitter, Inc.

As everyone knows, Twitter is not just a photo sharing app. Still, it can be a fun way to share photos. Unlike most of the apps on this list, this one is universal, so you can share photos you have saved to your iPad as well.

Pic Transfer

by Objective App LLC

Speaking of the iPad, its large touch screen makes it a nice place to do your photo editing if you are so inclined. If you want to transfer pictures from your iPhone or iPod touch to your iPad, this is one easy and surprisingly fun way to do it. This universal app lets you transfer unlimited photos in a batch between your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad using Wifi or Bluetooth.


by Facebook, Inc.

This is another app that doesn’t really need an explanation. It’s just a fun place to share your photos with everyone you know. It’s very easy to upload one picture at a time with this app, but if you have a bunch you want to upload at once, you’ll want to grab an app like iLoader for the job.

iLoader for Facebook - Photo Video Batch Uploader with Camera Effects and Filters

by Ky Vu

iLoader allows you to upload photos and videos to Facebook in batches. Tag and caption your photos right in the app. You can also do some basic video editing before uploading to Facebook. If you upload a lot to Facebook, you’ll definitely want iLoader; either this version, the free lite version (with limitations - 3 photos or 1 video at a time, plus ads), or the iPad version.


by Bump Technologies, Inc.

Bump is for sharing photos and much more. It’s simply one of those cool apps that everyone with an iPhone or iPod touch should own. Share photos, apps, music, contacts, calendar events, and more. Even become instant friends on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Share photos and more with a bump. Once you’ve established a bump link with someone, you can even “bump” long distance.