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Seattle Apps

Both residents of Seattle and visitors to the city will want to check out these apps. We have rounded up our favorite apps to explore Seattle, find nice deals, and more. You can find them all in this AppList.

Seattle Times Mobile

by The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times Mobile app will help you stay up to date with the latest news in the city. The app could be greatly improved. It’ll get you the info, but there are several ads and the interface is not the best. Regardless, it is a free app that should help you stay up to date.

Seattle Parking

by Nick Capizzani

Seattle Parking is a great app to help you find parking in Seattle. Included is a detailed map with parking garages, meters, and you can find out where you vehicle would get towed if you forgot to pay for parking. The app even integrates with CraigsList so you can find a parking spot to rent! The app is indispensable to those having a hard time finding parking in Seattle.

Seattle Bus Map

by Krueger Systems, Inc.

Seattle Bus Map is the app to have if you are going to be taking the bus in Seattle. This app will show a map of where all the buses are, based on the GPS info they provide. No longer will you be waiting around like a fool for 20 or 30 minutes for a bus that is 40 minutes away. The app is beautifully built and best of all it is totally free!

Alternative Seattle

by Sutro Media

Alternative Seattle is the essential app to have for finding Seattle’s hidden gems. This book-styled app is loaded to the brim with places that only the locals know. The content of the app makes it a great one!

AddTo Seattle

by Mindwarm Incorporated

AddToSeattle is a fantastic travel map. Already included in the app are some of Seattle’s top locations. You can also start adding your own favorite spots. You can take a picture and add a note to your GPS spot and it will be included in the “my map” area of the app. This is a fantastic app to build out a list of your favorite spots in Seattle.


by Zebi Systems

Seattle is an app loaded to the brim with amazing deals in the city. You’ll be able to find some unique specials on foods and drinks. There is an integrated map to help you find the locations.