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Super Bowl Apps

If you need some iOS help to get ready and watch the Super Bowl, then you will want to check this AppList out. There are apps for those going to the game, watching at home, or even those stuck at work while the game is on. Check it all out in this AppList.


by NFL Enterprises LLC

If you are going to the game and need an app, the official app is fantastic. The app provides you with a full map of the stadium and information about nearby restaurants. The app also provides info about the players and will help you make your trip to the Super Bowl a successful one. The app is free and a must have for those going to the game.

The Chili Chef


If you need to make some Chili for the big game, this is the app for that. The app is loaded with tons of great professional recipes. The app is easy to navigate and includes tons of images to make sure it tastes good in the end. This is the chili app to have.


by Elgato Systems

If you are stuck at work while the big game is going on, there is at least one solution. EyeTV will allow you to stream live TV from your Mac anywhere in the world. It uses a dead simple login interface to provide easy access. The app is smart enough to launch the Mac app if you forgot to launch it when you left home. The app will run on your iPhone, which makes it easy to be discreet. The app requires you purchase an EyeTV tuner and hook it up to your Mac. The tuners run from $100 to $200 depending on the model. EyeTV is your mobile TV solution.

Super Bowl - Know It All

by Know It All Apps

The Know It All app can come in handy for a quick trivia match before or after the game. The app will run on both your iPhone and iPad and includes 80 questions in four different categories. The app is only $0.99 and worth a look.

MADDEN NFL 11 by EA SPORTS™ for iPad

by Electronic Arts

Madden NFL 2011 is the game to have if you want to play football on your iPad. The app features some very intuitive user interfaces and great graphics. The game play and experience is fantastic. The app is a bit pricey at $12.99, but you do get a good bang for the buck. The game has great replay value and a must have for football fans.

Sports Illustrated The Football Book

by Time Home Entertainment Inc.

Sports Illustrated - The Football Book takes the physical version of the book and turns it into a fantastic app. The book takes you through the different dynasties of players and coaches. The app is for those that want to learn about the sport and its history.

Super Bowl XLVIII – NFL Official Program

by NFL Enterprises LLC

The Official NFL Game Program is your replacement to those $10 programs that you would typically buy at the stadium. The app contains videos, articles, images, and much more all about the big game. The app is completely free and a great alternative to those paper programs.