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Track And Maintain Medical Conditions

Are you one of the many people that live each day with a chronic ailment or medical condition? If so, you are not alone. We understand that it can be quite a chore to live with medical conditions. It is difficult enough just to deal with daily issues that stem from whatever your condition may be. There are also quite a few things that need done in order to properly track and manage them. Apps can be very helpful when you need assistance to track things such as appointments, medications, and blood pressure. In this AppList, we have gone through the App Store to find some of the most beneficial apps to help you do these things. Some of the apps mentioned here are for specific conditions, while others are apps that can be helpful to almost anyone. This AppList aims to make it easier for you to track and maintain some of the many medical conditions that exist.

Capzule PHR - Your Personal Health Record.

by Webahn, Inc.

When living with a medical condition, the first thing that will help make your life much easier is a way to keep track of your doctor appointments and health records. Capzule PHR is one app that contains those benefits plus many more. This app makes it simple to access and store important bits of health information for yourself, or even your entire family. Simply enter things such as appointment dates, medications that you take, immunizations, allergies, insurance details, and other details. The information that you enter will not only be stored locally on your iDevice, but can also be transferred over WiFi to other iDevices and backed up via email. Keeping such personal information safe is important as well, and Capzule PHR provides password protection to give you peace of mind that it will stay confidential. A great new feature that this app has added is the ability to have your prescription refill orders sent right to Walgreens, if you choose to use that pharmacy. There are tons of other functions and abilities, making Capzule PHR a perfect choice to track and manage your appointment and medical record needs.


by Montuno Software, LLC

Taking your medicine on time is extremely important. No matter if it's a medication for diabetes or your daily vitamins, Dosecast is a universal app that will make sure that you never miss a dose again. You can set notifications to take your medicines daily, weekly, or monthly. This app even adjusts to different time zones, so if you're traveling, you won't have to worry about switching any of your dosage times! Receive notifications to take your meds with or without WiFi, or postpone reminders if you want to skip a dosage. Dosecast can even tell when you're asleep, avoiding unneeded reminders. Any drug information that you input into this app is kept private and securely encrypted. These are all benefits of the free version, which are enough for most. If you'd like extras like refill alerts, drug photos and even more details, you'll have to spring for the upgrade. For most, the free version of Dosecast provides enough for your medication reminder needs.

Glucose Buddy - Diabetes Logbook Manager w/syncing, Blood Pressure, Weight Tracking

by Azumio Inc.

Are you one of the millions of people that live with diabetes? If so, it is extremely important that you log and monitor your carbohydrate intake, glucose numbers, and exercise. Glucose Buddy (free version) makes it easy to monitor the above. Enter the information that you want to track, and afterwards you will be able to see it online when you open your free account. There are push reminders available, graphs to see your levels of blood sugar, and even a forum to talk to others living with diabetes. Glucose Buddy also has integration with CalorieTrack, providing a database of over 100,000 foods and more than 200 exercises, making it even faster to keep track of your food intake and which exercises you have done. If you would like the ability to sync with multiple devices and other extras, there are upgrades available. This free version of Glucose Buddy is typically enough for most diabetics to use. It comes recommended by many diabetes associations, magazines, websites, and us!

Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite

by Taconic System LLC

Blood pressure is a vital sign that is important for everyone to check on a regular basis, regardless of whether you have a chronic medical condition or you are a healthy individual. Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite allows you to use your iDevice to check your blood pressure without hassle. This app even lets you know how medications that you are taking will affect the reading of this very vital sign. Beautiful charts are available for you to scroll through, seeing the differences in your readings once you start recording them. You can also send these graphs to your doctor. You will also be shown how different your blood pressure readings are in your left arm as opposed to your right arm. It's simple to use, and that simplicity makes all the difference when you need to check your blood pressure daily. Overall, Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite is an ideal way to keep track of your own blood pressure as well as others in your family.

HIV Testing and Care Services Locator

by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

With HIV/AIDS being widespread, it is important to get yourself tested, or to get regular care if you are already infected with HIV. This app will help you find places to get tested for HIV, assistance to find housing for those already infected, and service providers or health centers closest to you. HIV Testing and Care Services Locator is a free app. In this day and age when becoming HIV positive is all too common, it is a very helpful app to have.

Period Tracker Deluxe

by GP Apps

Period Tracker Deluxe is an app for women who would like to keep track of their feminine needs. Track your menstrual cycles, moods, ovulation, and dates that you will be most fertile. If you would like to keep this information private, Period Tracker Deluxe has a 4-digit PIN passcode option. The UI is bright and cheery. There are colorful graphs, charts, and 10 free skins included. You'll be prepared for when you may want to get pregnant (or avoid it!), when your next period will be, and even your temperature and weight changes. Period Tracker Deluxe, with its accuracy and ease of use, will keep you informed.

iLog Lyme

by Visual Gravity Multimedia

Lyme Disease is an extremely complex disorder. If you have Lyme Disease, it is best to log your symptoms in order to determine what treatment is best for you. The app iLog Lyme keeps logs including your medications and dosages that can be mailed to your doctor. The app has a Facebook page for support. Besides being a wonderful iPhone app, it will also work on your iPad in landscape mode.

T2 Mood Tracker

by The National Center for Telehealth and Technology

Whether you have a chronic ailment or not, moods play a big part in your daily life. T2 Mood Tracker will help you monitor your moods based on anxiety, depression, stress, post-traumatic stress, brain injury, and overall well-being. Keeping an organized log of how your moods vary can be recorded on graphs, along with notes. Many of these moods can be debilitating for some, which makes T2 Mood Tracker a lifesaver to have on your iDevice. Keeping track of your moods with this app will help your doctor make medication changes as needed. This app is also helpful when you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your children's moods.

Absalt EasyWakeup PRO - smart alarm clock (easy wake up)

by FreeTerra

Getting sufficient sleep is immensely important when you want to maintain good health. Absalt EasyWakeup Pro is a unique app, because not only will it automatically track your sleep, but it will also double as an alarm clock. The alarm clock will sense when you are in an appropriate sleep mode, and gently wake you. With regular use of this app, you will wake feeling quite refreshed. Absalt EasyWakeup PRO has graphs, movement logs, a notes option to write down your dreams when you wake, and many other options. Sleep your way to good health!

WebMD Pain Coach

by WebMD

No matter what type of medical condition you may have, it may include some type of pain. WebMD Pain Coach takes a natural approach, assisting you in making it through days when you have moderate to severe pain. The app has quizzes, tips, articles, videos, and more. There is a journal to keep track of how severe your pain is each day. WebMD Pain Coach is ideal for those who suffer from chronic back pain, migraines, nerve damage, neck pain, and more. By using this app to track your pain, you will set yourself goals and receive tips on how to better manage your pain.

ADHD Organizer

by Lexington Creative

For individuals with ADD/ADHD, having one app in which to set goals and keep track of daily activities can help increase their productivity. ADHD Organizer has a specific area to keep track of tasks, areas of behavior that need improvement (such as not interrupting others, being timely, etc). Tips to help better understand ADD/ADHD are also included in this app, along with helpful hints to control impulse behavior and avoid mood swings. Find your strengths and achieve your goals with the help of ADHD Organizer.


by WebMD

If you are not sure what condition or ailment that you may have, WebMD is a health-packed app. You can look for your symptoms in their Symptoms Checker area, which is helpful in trying to determine what you may have. (Note: this is not a substitute for going to the doctor!) Many different types of medical conditions are listed, along with treatments available for them. First Aid info is helpful when WiFi is not available, and there are even local areas listed to go get immediate health care. No matter what your medical condition may be, WebMD is here to help, along with the other apps in this AppList.