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Utilities You Need

The iPhone is, without a doubt, a very smart piece of technology. Utility apps are amazing helpers to make your iPhone even smarter. From flashlights to calculators to protecting your device's private data, we've got you covered. In this AppList, we've done extensive research to highlight some utility apps that will have you and your iPhone working together with ease.

Flashlight ☀

by Surpax Technology Inc.

Let's start by showing you the light! Arguably one of the most useful items on your iPhone is the bright LED light located next to its camera lens. Flashlight does a great job at utilizing it. It has a simple on/off switch like a regular flashlight, so it's very simple to use. Strobe and blinking modes are also featured. Flashlight is a universal app.

Alarm Clock HD

by Alarm Clock Company

We'd all like to wake up in a pleasant manner. Alarm Clock HD can help make that possible. This app features unlimited alarms and settings, iPod music alarms so that you can wake up to your own music, weather, and even Social Media integration like FaceBook and Twitter. Alarm Clock HD is a universal app.


by 7th Gear

Whether you're a professional or a college student that wants a little extra help with numbers, Calculator! is here to help. Your iPhone screen transforms into a beautiful, versatile calculator with this full-featured app. You're given the option of a scientific calculator (with over 30 such operations) or a basic calculator. Calculator! gives you the confidence to accurately complete your calculating needs, and is a universal app.

Battery Doctor Pro - Max Your Battery Life

by Game Lingo

Something that any iPhone user appreciates is longer battery life. Battery Doctor Pro helps extend your device's battery life, along with many useful tips. Your iPhone's battery health will be improved when this app is used as instructed. This app includes helpful features, one of which is a charging log to track your device's remaining battery capacity and charging time. Battery Doctor Pro - Max Your Battery Life is a universal app.

Find My iPhone

by Apple

Perhaps one of the most important Utilities that your device can benefit from is Apple's own Find My iPhone app. Many of us have had one of those busy days where you set your device down, turn around to do something else, then don't remember where you put it (or even worse, it was stolen). Find My iPhone is here to help. Once you've installed the app on another iOS device, you are able to do such things as: locate your missing iPhone on a map, lock your iPhone, erase your data to keep your information safe, or even display a message on the screen to the potential thief. Find My iPhone is a universal app.

Dot Lock My Data - Security protection suite for secret photos, videos, notes, folders

by MinhMobileDev

Do you have photos, videos, or notes that you'd like to keep from prying eyes? If so, Dot Lock My Data is the app for you. You are given a "dot lock screen" in which you provide a code to protect your notes, videos, secret photos, etc. Anything that you store within the Dot Lock My Data app will be secured and safe, once you've chosen your lock method. It will hide your real data by showing "fake data", should someone try to view the info within. Many other safety measures are included such as GPS and photo-taking, so that you are able to find the people trying to invade your privacy. Dot Lock My Data is a universal app.

Super Note: Recorder, Notes, Memos

by Clear Sky Apps LTD

Now that your iPhone is protected a bit more, you can feel comfortable to start making notes in an easy fashion with this app. Super Note: Voice Recorder and Notes is the ultimate note taking app, as you can quickly create notes and make voice recordings while doing so. Like many iPhone owners, we take our devices to school, work, or use them frequently at home. Typed notes, recordings, reminders, and sending/sharing are just some of the helpful features. Super Note: Voice Recorder and Notes is a universal app.


by App Cubby

Something that almost everyone needs is a timer. We often need timers for a variety of reasons: cooking, exercising, or even when to switch sides while tanning! It's very useful to have one on your iPhone, as we usually have it near us. Timer : by App Cubby is a simple, yet effective app that looks gorgeous on your device's screen. The buttons are colorful and large. It's as easy as tapping the time of your choice to start, and tapping a button to stop. Timer : is an iPhone app.

Convert Units for Free - #1 Unit Conversion App

by Free the Apps!

No matter what your age or profession, there are things such as currency, volume, angles, and more that you may need help converting. Who wants to use a pencil and paper, when you can quickly do it on your iPhone? Look no further than Convert Units for Free. This is a user-friendly app that can come up with most any conversion needed. For example: you'll be figuring out what the temperature is in Fahrenheit, as opposed to what it is in Celsius, in no time. Convert Units for Free - #1 Unit Conversion App is an iPhone app.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

by JiWire Inc.

Last, but definitely not least, your iPhone wouldn't be complete without letting you know where the free Wi-Fi hotspots are. This app uses your device's GPS to find you free Internet access, offline or online. You're able to search near you, or search specific areas that you may be traveling to. You can also do such things as filter by location types, bookmark your desired locations, and more. Free Wi-Fi Finder is a universal app.