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dungeon hunter

Gameloft Launches Dungeon Hunter 3 - Say Goodbye To RPG

Gameloft has launched Dungeon Hunter 3 (free) in the App Store. However, unlike the previous Dungeon Hunter titles, which were indefinitely considered to be RPGs (that's Role Playing Games), this new installation has strayed away from the genre, adopting an arena mode that's based on Gameloft's oft-critiqued "freemium" model of publishing iOS applications.

Joe White

Review: Dungeon Hunter 2 - Full Scale Family Showdown

It seems that siblings are nothing but trouble, and this is the case with Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 2. Your brother has taken control of Gothicus and plunged it into darkness, and as a son of the Immortal King, you aren't going to stand by and watch. Read on to find out more.

Felix Xiao

iPhone & iPad Review: Dungeon Hunter

Dungeon Hunter is a hack-and-slash style role-playing adventure reminiscent of the classic Diablo. The graphics for both the iPhone and iPad version are great. Read my review to see if the gameplay is as good as those graphics and whether it is a worthy successor to Diablo.

Jay B. Siegel