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jay freeman

Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, discusses 'Competition vs. Community' in recent essay

The man behind Cydia has offered his opinion on "Competition vs. Community" in a new blog post.

Cydia Tweak: Suffering Weird WinterBoard Status Bar Bugs? Then Update The App

Jay Freeman (@saurik) has sent out a much appreciated update for his WinterBoard app.

Here Are The Jailbreak Tweaks Cydia Creator Jay Freeman Has Installed On His iDevice

Ever wondered exactly what Cydia creator Jay Freeman has downloaded from the Cydia Store?

Cydia Gets Updated Substrate Safe Mode For iOS 7, ARM64-iDevices

Jailbreaking under iOS 7 is now even safer than before.

Cydia Just Got Its MobileSubstrate Update For Apple's 64-Bit A7 iDevices

Cydia has received its anticipated MobileSubstrate update for 64-bit iDevices.

Cydia Creator Jay Freeman Discusses 64-Bit Tweaks, MobileSubstrate

Jay Freeman (@saurik) has commented on the state of Cydia for iOS 7 and 64-bit iDevices.

Here's How The Jailbreak App Store Cydia Might Look Under iOS 7

One jailbreak developer has ported a version of Cydia over to iOS 7.

This Cydia Concept Shows How The Jailbreak App Store Could Be Greatly Improved

Jailbreakers love Cydia - Jay Freeman's (@saurik) "jailbreak application store," which houses all the apps and tweaks we post about each and every week. However, though Cydia has been working well since its launch, the application itself hasn't received much of a redesign over the years. In the wake of the launch of Apple's all-new App Store app (in iOS 6), we're asking: is it time Freeman gave Cydia a makeover, too?

Jailbreak Only: WinterBoard Is Now Fully Compatible With iOS 5

Jay Freeman's popular "WinterBoard" app, which allows users to customize the appearance of their iOS device, has recently been updated and is now fully compatible with iOS 5.

Good News, Jailbreakers: JailbreakMe Domain Now Owned By Jay Freeman

Jay Freeman has confirmed that he is now in control of the JailbreakMe domain.

MyGreatFest - Jay Freeman, Father Of Cydia, Takes The Stage

MyGreatFest is drawing to a close, and the last speaker - none other than Jay Freeman (@saurik) himself - has just taken to the stage.

Attention, UK Apple Fans - MyGreatFest Jailbreak Event Involves Saurik, P0sixninja & More!

An exciting, new all-day event called "MyGreatFest" is scheduled to take place in London later this year, and will feature talks from experienced jailbreak developers - including the famous Jay Freeman ("saurik") and Joshua Hill ("p0sixninja").

Jailbreak Only: Lima - Infini Dev Team's Browser Based Cydia Alternative, Demoed On Video

The first demo video of Lima - a browser based Cydia alternative, which is currently being developed by the Infini Dev Team - has recently hit the Web.

Video: Cydia's Creator Demonstrates Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone

Come learn from the jailbreak master why you should jailbreak your iDevice.

Jailbreak Only: Cydia Gets A New Feature - "Theme Center"

Jay Freeman (a.k.a. "saurik") has added a new feature to Cydia, the jailbreak application store. The addition, "Cydia Theme Center," allows users to easily search for Retina and non-Retina themes.

Jay Freeman: Cydia For Mac Will Be Ready "Within Weeks"

Jay Freeman (a.k.a. "saurik"), the mastermind behind Cydia, recently stated that Cydia for Mac will be available "within weeks." Read on to find out more ...

Interview With Jay Freeman: Talks Cydia, Cycorder, And The History Of Jailbreaking

Check out this great interview with Jay Freeman, father of Cydia! The mastermind talks Cydia, Cycorder, and even recounts a brief history of jailbreaking...

Apple Responds: Jailbreaking Can Still Violate iPhone Warranty

Apple has commented on the attitude change towards jailbreaking. Read on to find out what the company's spokesperson had to say.