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Kairosoft's new iOS game challenges you to become a Magazine Mogul

Kairosoft has applied its signature brand of simulation gaming to the world of periodical publishing in its latest iOS game, Magazine Mogul.

After 3 long years, Kairosoft's Game Dev Story finally gets an update

The much-loved Game Dev Story has received a bug fixing update.

Kairosoft goes meta with Kairobotica

Kairosoft gives their mascot plenty of love with Kairobotica, their latest simulation game.

Grab Your Tractor, Harvest Crops In Kairosoft's Latest iOS Game Pocket Harvest

The folks at Kairosoft have launched a new simulation game for iOS called Pocket Harvest.

Become A Master Of Traveling Overseas In World Cruise Story

Get your captain's hat on and be ready to control an entire cruise ship in this simulation game.

Kairosoft Brings Another Sim Game, World Cruise Story, To The App Store

Kairosoft has launched another management simulation game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Place Your Bets: Kairosoft's Pocket Stables Launches For iPhone, iPad

Can you race to win big in Kairosoft's Pocket Stables for iOS?

Now You Can Live Your Dream Of Being A Landlord In Kairosoft's Dream House Days

Manage your own apartment complex and control the destinies of your tenants with the latest simulation from Kairosoft.

Even You Can Dream Of Sushi In The Sushi Spinnery

If you love Kairosoft games and sushi, then this is a winning combination.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For June 7, 2012

Command a legion of cute green zombies and create your own RPG adventure town in our game picks this week!

Defeat Monsters, Explore Caves and Earn Loot In Dungeon Village

Dungeon Village is an engrossing roleplaying-themed city building simulation from Kairosoft.

Wanted: A Real Estate Knight In Shining Armor For Kairosoft's Dungeon Village

Dungeon Village continues Kairosoft's winning streak of time and resource management games.

Build A Thriving Planet In Epic Astro Story, Kairosoft's Newest Title

Epic Astro Story is a planetary development simulation where players explore new territory, battle alien animals, and run a thriving planet.

Kairosoft Releases Epic Astro Story, A City Building Experience With Plenty Of Action

Kairosoft has quietly released their latest entry, Epic Astro Story. While a very similar feel to previous titles, Epic Astro Story contains a lot more in-depth action than any other city building game.

Create Your Own Metropolitan Utopia In Venture Towns

Kairosoft has released another simulation game on the App Store. This time, however, you're in charge of creating your own metropolitan utopia.

Kairsoft Finally Releases Venture Towns For iOS

Kairosoft is famous for their great simulation games, and they've done it again by bringing Venture Towns to iOS.

Kairosoft At It Again With All New Racing Simulation Game For The iPhone

With the recent success of Mega Mall Story, Japan-based game studio Kairosoft is at it again with another great simulation game for the iPhone. Based on our previous experience, we had our suspicions that they would hint at their next title on their website, and that is exactly what they did.

Kairosoft Ready To Rival Tiny Tower With Mega Mall Story

Japan-based game studio Kairosoft are behind some of the most successful simulation games in the App Store. They started off with Game Dev Story, a game that let players run their own game development studio and then continued with other great titles such as Hot Springs Story and Pocket Academy, and now we've got some details on their next big release.

Build Your Dream School In Kairosoft's Pocket Academy

School may not have turned out the way we always wanted it to be, but now here's your chance to make your dream school happen! Kairosoft has done it again in this awesome new simulation game.

Review: Game Dev Story - Game Development In Your Hands

Take control of a game development studio in Game Dev Story. A simulation game where you oversee the code, type of game, graphics, and sound as well as many other aspects. Read on to find out all about it.