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Carry your entire ePub library in your pocket with Hyphen

Hyphen is a slick little app for accessing your library on-the-go.

Read the next classic or write your own with Tablo

This app allows you to read and write great books in one place.

Read book reviews from friends instead of strangers with Goodreads

Want to know if that new book is a waste of time or the best novel of the year? Check out what your friends think of it with the Goodreads app.

AppAdvice Daily: Start Your Week Off Right With These Staff Picked Apps

We are stacking our photos, and catching up on our reading, all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Blinkist Will Help You Get Through A Book In The Blink Of An Eye

Great non-fiction books are read and interpreted by humans, broken down into consumable chunks, and delivered to your iPhone through Blinkist.

Oyster Is The Netflix Of Books

Can't get enough books in your life? Then Oyster is sure to sate your appetite with an endless buffet of reading material.

Lickability's Latest Release Will Have You Reading At An Insane Velocity

Velocity is the latest app by the creators of Quotebook, allowing you to zip through long pieces in a matter of minutes.

Read Quick Helps You Improve Your Reading Speed

Want to improve your own reading speed, but still be able to understand everything? This app can help you out with that.

These Apps Are A Book Lover's Dream

True book lovers know that the iPhone can’t replace a book collection, but it is a great tool to supplement and enhance it.

AppAdvice Jr: Best Book Apps For Kids

With so many apps available, trying to find the right one for your kids can be overwhelming. I’m making it my job to find the best apps to help your children become better 21st century learners and citizens (and gamers).

Updated AppGuide: Book Apps For iPad

In many ways, the iPad is the ultimate e-reader, as it can replicate available e-reading devices’ interfaces, support multiple book formats, sources, and offers more choices for readers, especially with respect to DRM. Finding the apps you need to read your books can be difficult, unless you follow this AppGuide!

Chirps Is A Great Way To Read Link-Heavy Twitter Timelines

If you use Twitter as a way to keep on top of news and other links, then you will appreciate the comfort that Chirps brings to a timeline of links.

With Longform, You'll Always Have Something To Read

If you're looking for long-form articles to cozy up to on your iPad, Longform is the perfect app.

It's The Battle Of The Read It Later Apps! Read It Later vs. Instapaper vs. Readability

Which read it later app is the best? Find out the pros and cons of each and see which one could fit your needs!

Updated AppGuide: Best Comic File Readers

This AppGuide will help you find the best comic file reader for your needs!

AppGuide Updated: Book Apps For iPad

Reading is done more and more on iPads. The challenge truly is deciding which store and app to embrace when purchasing content. What kind of apps are available? What are your options for free content? This guide will steer you in the right direction.

AppList: Apps For Book Lovers

Whether you want to read books, organize them, or stay up to date on the latest best sellers — the App Store has many options. Here are the best eReaders, databases, and ways to keep track of your busy book lives.

Newstream Brings The Personalized Newspaper Experience To The iPhone

Sure, the iPad has some pretty good apps to bring that "personal newspaper" experience to you, but what about those without iPads? What about the iPhone? Newstream brings a miniature version of the personal newspaper to you, and does it exceptionally well.

AlphaTots Lets Your Kids Learn Their Letters Through Play

AlphaTots is the hottest new alphabet app for kids, and for good reason.

Word Wagon: Possibly The Best Word Game For Young Readers

When searching the app store for games to help your little one learn to read and spell, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Word Wagon easily floats to the top and is worth every penny.

First Look: EyeWeb Helps You Read The Web Fast

The idea of being able to consume written content faster is a very attractive one. There are plenty of services that try to scale down online articles to just their essential ideas like Also, there are aggregators and, of course, there is Twitter. EyeWeb, an upcoming iPhone app that should see the light sometime this week takes on the problem from the other side. It's designed to make you read faster.

QuickAdvice: Carry An Entire Digital Library In Your Pocket With MegaReader

Do you like books? How does carrying up to almost 2 million books in your pocket sound? If that sounds good to you, then you're looking at MegaReader. Does it live up to it's name? Read on to find out.

Help Your K-4th Student Improve Their Reading With This Free App

K12, a developer of educational apps for children, has released their timed reading app which is free for a limited time.

Want To Read On Your iPad? Take Your Time

While many enjoy reading on their iPad, the avid reader may notice a downside. A recent study on book reading methods by Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group, turned up one intriguing finding.