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Google finally removes the iPhone and Mac version of the Sparrow e-mail app

The search giant purchased Sparrow’s developer back in 2012.

Updated: Gmail iOS App Update Includes Support For Multiple Accounts

The official Gmail for iOS app finally supports multiple accounts.

Sparrow Finally Optimized For The iPhone 5

Sparrow adds iPhone 5 support.

First Look: Taskbox - Mail Could Become A Worthy Sparrow Alternative

Still upset Google bought Sparrow? You should check out Taskbox - Mail.

Sparrow To Be Updated Soon With iPhone 5 Support

Sparrow fans rejoice. Just a little while ago on Twitter, co-founder Dominique Leca announced that the app will be updated to support the new iPhone 5.

Sparrow For iPhone Starting To Show Its True Google Colors

Google's Sparrow app for iPhone gets its first update from the mother ship.

Not A Google Fan? Here Are Some Sparrow Alternatives For OS X And iOS

If you're not too crazy that Google has purchased Sparrow, we've got some alternatives for you. Unfortunately, there aren't that many - neither on iOS or OS X.

Google Has Taken Over Sparrow, Now What?

Be proactive about the Sparrow acquisition.

Updated: Sparrow Mail Has Been Acquired By Google

Say farewell to the idea of push notifications for Sparrow!

The AppAdvice Week In Review

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Did Microsoft strike back with Surface?

Dear Mail, Isn't It About Time You Grew Up?

Dear Mail app: Is that asking too much for you to grow up?

Sparrow On Sale For A Limited Time - Make Your Move By Friday

Maybe the price drop will make up for Sparrow's lack of push notifications.

Sparrow For iPhone Gains POP Support, But Still No Sign Of Push

Sparrow has just received yet another update, finally introducing an important feature to the terrific mail client for iPhone.

Sparrow For iPad Expected Soon

The very popular Sparrow email client is about to fly onto iPad.

Jailbreaker Hard At Work On iPad Optimized Version Of Sparrow

While the popular iPhone mail client Sparrow continues to get better with a slate of updates, jailbreakers are hard at work developing an unofficial version for the iPad.

Sparrow Receives Update For New Navigation Gesture And More

Sparrow, the email client for iPhone that is so well-designed as to rival the Mail app itself, has once again been updated today.

Sparrow Updated Again, But Apple Refuses To Allow Push Support

Sparrow's latest update takes flight. Find out what version 1.2 brings.

Jailbreak Only: Sparrow+ To Make Sparrow Even Better

Sparrow+, an upcoming jailbreak tweak, will make you wish you could delete Apple's Mail app.

Sparrow Pushed Out 1.1 Update, But When Will Our Email Get Pushed?

Sparrow 1.1 is proof that its developer is intent on making the app the unqualified best mail app for iPhone.

App Showdown: The Best Way To Email On Your iPhone

Sparrow came out last week and brought a new way to look at email on your iPhone. However, is it really the best way to manage your email on your iPhone? Find out in this week's app showdown.

Jailbreak Only: Sparrow Push Enables Much-Wanted Push Notifications

Without push notifications, the native Mail app had an edge over Sparrow despite Sparrow's vast feature set. All that changes with the new jailbreak tweak: Sparrow Push.

The Best New And Updated Apps Of The Week

We've compiled the best new and updated apps for the week. Can you guess which one was the BEST?

AppFresh Daily: The Native Mail App Competitor, An Awesome WWII Strategy Game And More!

AppFresh Daily features the best apps we’ve noticed that have been released in the last 24 hours.

Sparrow Is The Best Email App For Your iPhone Since Apple's Own

Sparrow, one of the best mail clients on the Mac, is now finally available for your iPhone.