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It’s Time to Lay Down the Law in Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 is a great tactical combat stealth game that you shouldn't miss.

Are You Sneaky Enough To Escape The Brutal Labs In Stealth Inc?

Do you have what it takes to make it out alive of Stealth Inc.?

Hack Your Way Through And Collect The Data Before You're Deleted In 868-HACK

Live your dream of being a skilled computer hacker and gather data before you get deleted in this fun, retro-inspired stealth game.

Forge A Big Legend As A Tiny Thief

Be the unconventional hero as you outsmart greed and corruption in Tiny Thief.

Don't Let This Cute Creature Be The Next Test Subject In Critter Escape

This innocent little guy has been captured and will become the next experimental test subject unless you help him break free in Chillingo's new stealth game.

Avoid The Gaze Of Vicious Dogs In This Game Of Stealth

Mailmen is an iPad-only stealth game of dog versus mailman that has you hiding in trees and tying up pups. Get the mail delivered, rain or shine, but watch out for Chihuahuas on the loose.

Hone Your Ninja Skills With Ninja Hoodie

Ninja Hoodie is a fast paced shuriken shooting action game. It features simple controls and detailed levels.

Megan And The Giant Hits The iPhone

Play hide-and-seek around the streets of London in family-oriented game Megan and the Giant. This game has you controlling Megan from a top-down perspective. It also offers stealth action and exploration.