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Slither your way to victory in Worms 4

The battle worms are back in this next installment of the fun game series.

Meat the Flockers in this new Lemmings-like puzzler starring the sheep from Worms

It’s your job in the Lemmings-like Flockers to guide sheep through deadly obstacles.

Team17's Worms iOS games on anniversary sale for $0.99 each on the App Store

Hallelujah! All Worms games on iOS are currently on sale for just $0.99 each.

Worms 3 Goes Halloweeny In Latest Update, Adds Terraria-Inspired Items

Team17 has just updated its popular iOS game Worms 3.

Team17's Worms 3 Blasts Into The App Store: Available Now For iOS

Team17 has released the iOS-exclusive Worms 3 in the App Store.

All Hail The Golden Donkey In Worms For iPhone And iPad!

Both of the iPhone and iPad versions of the popular turn-based artillery game Worms have just been updated with several new, significant features.

Team17 Releases Worms Crazy Golf

Team17 has released another game. It will allow you to play the most exciting game of golf ever.

Review: Worms 2: Armageddon - What Happens When Bugs Play With Bombs?

The worms are back with more weapons and game modes than ever in this follow up to the original turn based strategy game. While the first game delivered in many ways, it also fell short in several areas, including its controls. Does Worms 2: Armageddon provide a better and more explosion-filled experience? Read on to find out.

Review: Pocket Tanks Deluxe

An excellent port of a game with a long history on the Mac and PC, Pocket Tanks is an artillery game that was always meant to be played on the iPhone.