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7 apps to help you start off the new year right

Start the New Year right and keep your goals all through 2016 with these apps.

AppAdvice’s top 10 Apple Watch apps of 2015

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7 apps to help keep holiday traveling fun

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Task manager Wunderlist updated with a new look and 3D Touch shortcuts

Version 3.4 of the powerful app makes it even easier for users to add reminders, subtasks, and notes.

The best to-do list app: Todoist or Wunderlist?

In this latest App Smackdown, we take a look at two popular to-do list apps.

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The 5 best iPhone and iPad task and to-do list apps

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Microsoft reportedly purchases Wunderlist developer 6 Wunderkinder

The tech giant continues to make aggressive moves in the mobile space by purchasing the to-do app.

Wunderlist's Watch app is now better than ever, and its iOS app gets enhanced accessibility

Wunderlist has received a great update making a number of small but significant changes.

Sunrise Calendar and Wunderlist work together to merge your calendar and to-do list

With new integration, these two apps play really nice together to help speed up your time and task management.

Powerful cross-platform app Wunderlist announces its new public API

Users should soon be able to take advantage of Wunderlist integration in services like Slack, HipChat, and Sunrise Calendar, among others.

My favorite Apple Watch apps this week include Carrot Weather, Wunderlist and Activity

For weather, tasks, and taps to stand up, these are great Apple Watch apps.

5 important apps to get stuff done

Get organized with these five apps to keep you in the zone.

Scanbot's first birthday brings Slack, Wunderlist integration and more

Slack and Wunderlist have officially joined the Scanbot family as of version 3.7 of the app.

Wunderlist update brings folders, a Quick Add feature and more

One of the best cross-platform to-do apps has gotten even better.

Big improvements are coming to the powerful to-do app Wunderlist in 2015

Folders, a quick add button, and more will arrive soon on the iPhone and iPad app.

To-do app Wunderlist updated for both iOS and OS X Yosemite

Version 3.1.2 of the iOS app now features support for 1Password.

New Wunderlist update makes editing your tasks even easier

With version 3.0.2, users can move, complete, and delete multiple items.

Wunderlist 3 receives its first update with a number of improvements

Version 3.0.1 also fixes migration issues from Wunderlist 2.

Get things done with 6Wunderkinder's Wunderlist 3: The best to-do app yet

Wunderlist has always been a great option for managing productivity, and with the 3.0 update, it's now perfect.

Wunderlist 3 arrives on the App Store with a new design and much more

The new version of the popular to-do app is sporting more than 60 improvements.

Wunderlist 3, featuring revamped UI, lightning-fast sync and more, is 'coming soon'

Wunderlist 3 is "coming soon," according to developer 6Wunderkinder.