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AppAdvice’s Week In Review

AppAdvice’s Week In Review

April 1, 2012
Afraid you might have missed some important news this week in the world of iOS? No problem. Here are some of the more popular stories we covered during the past week. Enjoy!

Tim Cook Visits With China's Next Premier

Mr. Cook Goes To China

The Apple CEO made his second visit to China this week, this time meeting with Li Keqiang, the next premier of the world’s most populous nation. While specific details of the meeting are not known, we’re hoping it included talk about the long-rumored iTV or maybe it's a sign the next iPhone is nearing production.

Apple Blinks And Will Give Refunds To Australian iPad Buyers Over Misleading 4G Ads

Australian iPad

Australians are being offered full refunds on the new iPad. This follows the Melbourne government’s decision to sue Apple over unfair advertising practices. The Australian Wi-Fi + 4G doesn’t actually work with the country’s current 4G network. Misleading? Perhaps.

Apple VP: New iPad's Battery Circuitry 'A Great Feature That’s Always Been In iOS'

iOS battery

After customers and experts alike complained the new iPad’s battery meter doesn't work properly, Apple went on the offensive. A senior official says all iDevices actually keep charging even after 100 percent, calling it “a great feature that’s always been in iOS.”

Questionable Ethics: Readability Sells Itself, Sells Others Short


Just days after we called it a “perfect app” for those that like to read articles without the “fluff,” comes word that Readability might have crossed the ethical line as the reading service doesn't attribute articles properly. As A.T. Faust III opines:
If viewing the article on their mobile devices, readers are presented with a formatted facsimile of the original content, and — though a small link of citation is provided — readers are not compelled to seek out or visit the original site. This approach neither drives traffic to the appropriate place nor properly cites the author’s work, and it violates the inherent goodwill required of such service providers.

Now The New iPad's Wi-Fi Strength Is Being Questioned, Analyzed

New iPad

Since arriving in stores, the new iPad has become Apple’s fastest-selling tablet of all time, with three million units sold in the first weekend of release alone. Still, the tablet’s arrival has been anything but smooth. Now, a new potential issue with Apple’s third generation tablet has been reported, this time concerning the strength of its Wi-Fi connection, or lack thereof.

Why Google Might Love iOS More Than Android


Google makes more money off iOS than it does on its own mobile platform, Android. How much exactly? Four times more. Has the time come for Google do away with Android and concentrate more on iOS?

Harry Potter Finally Arrives In Digital Format, But Not Directly Through iBooks

Harry Potter Comes To Mobile Devices

J.K. Rowling’s series of seven Harry Potter books are now available in e-book format. Still, in a snub at Apple, the books aren’t available directly through iBooks or through the iTunes Store. We show you a simple way to bring the boy wizard to your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. So there you have it, just seven of the many iOS stories from the past week. Which stories were your favorites? -- Week In Review is published each weekend at

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