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Voicepic Adds Audio Captions To Your Shareable Photos

Voicepic Adds Audio Captions To Your Shareable Photos

June 9, 2012
The precarious condition of photo-sharing apps that are not called Instagram has recently been thrown into sharp relief with the sudden shutdown of picplz. Indeed, the current state of affairs seems to dictate that unless your photo-sharing app has something markedly different to offer, it's better not to bother. Maybe this is why some apps have decided on adding an element to photos that Instagram has not: sound. And one of the latest to do so is an app appropriately called Voicepic. Voicepic is just that: Instagram with sound. Or, to be more specific, Instagram with voice. Voicepic is similar to Fotobabble and Picle, but its built-in Instagram-like stream makes it a cut above those two older apps. It's also similar to Ambicast, but it's not quite as devoted to ambient sound as that app is. As its name suggests, Voicepic lets you snap a picture and add a recording of your voice — or any type of sound, for that matter — of up to five seconds as an audio caption. Your audio-enhanced picture, or Voicepic, is then added to the app's worldwide stream. It's quite interesting to discover how much personality a small sound bite can add to an otherwise voiceless photo. The Angry Birds photo above, for example, comes with a rather amusing "Squawk!" And the Success Kid photo below is fitting for its accompanying message, which you can here by pressing the play button. Perhaps the only downside to Voicepic is that you need a Facebook account to log in to the app. Also, any Voicepic you create is publicly visible and automatically posted to your Facebook Timeline. I guess Voicepic already has all but secured a spot in Facebook's newly launched App Center. Designed for iPhone, Voicepic is available now in the App Store for free. Download it if you want to give each of your pictures its own unique voice.

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