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Update For Apple's Buggy Podcasts App Expected Soon

Update For Apple's Buggy Podcasts App Expected Soon

July 25, 2012
It has been a rough month for the new Podcasts app from Apple. But according to AllThingsD, an update should be released sometime today that attempts to fix some of the wide-ranging bugs. Since its release in late June, the universal app has garnered an average rating of 2 ½ stars from more than 5,550 users. Almost half of the reviews rate the app with a measly one star while 1,189 users give the free app two stars. Looking through some of the low ratings, users seems to be complaining of various problems like iCloud syncing issues, freezes, and crashes. The first word of the standalone Podcast app came in mid-June right after the first iOS 6 beta came without a podcasts section in iTunes. And less than two weeks later, the app was released. With Podcasts, users can stream or download individual episodes while syncing across multiple devices or iTunes on a computer. Keeping with the skeumophism of previous Apple apps, playback is on a tapedeck interface with animations of the reels and tape while the audio is playing. When we named Podcasts our App of the Week after it was introduced, we did mention that it lacked many of the features of competitors like Downcast and Instacast. Even though the app is free, maybe Apple should have taken its time to squash the bugs before releasing it. Hopefully this update will put it on the right track. Source: AllThingsD

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