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Facebook Pages Manager Adds Photo-Related Improvements But Remains Lackluster

Facebook Pages Manager Adds Photo-Related Improvements But Remains Lackluster

August 30, 2012
Facebook is on a roll this month with regard to its iOS app updates. Earlier this month, the popular photo sharing app Instagram, which Facebook acquired last April, was updated to version 3.0. Then, the main Facebook iOS client finally got its much-needed speed improvements. Updates to Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera soon followed. That leaves Facebook Pages Manager as the sole Facebook iOS app without its own update this month. Until a few hours ago, that is. Granted, this most recent update to Facebook Pages Manager is not as substantial as either of its previous two updates. But, if anything, it’s an indication of Facebook’s intention of improving the as yet unsatisfactory Facebook page management app. Apart from providing bug fixes and performance updates, the latest Facebook Pages Manager update brings several enhancements related to photo display. In the app, it is now possible to display the cover photo of a page, swipe to view photos within an album, and change the profile picture for a page. The latest version of Facebook Pages Manager is available now in the App Store for free. The app’s new improvements, however few, are much welcome. But they hardly conceal the realization that Facebook Pages Manager, especially its “iPad-optimized” version, comes off as something of a glorified Web app rather than a truly native one.

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