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Twitterrific 5's First Ever Update Is Packed With Terrific Improvements

Twitterrific 5's First Ever Update Is Packed With Terrific Improvements

December 12, 2012
Just a week after its release in the App Store, Twitterrific 5 has already received its first ever update. Twitterrific 5 is the redesigned and relaunched version of what is considered the granddaddy of Twitter clients for iOS. The most notable feature of Twitterrific 5 is its new look and feel. The app's new interface is clean, minimalist, and simply beautiful. It's actually the primary reason I've been using Twitterrific 5 instead of the somewhat heavy-handed Tweetbot on my iDevices. Of course, the app, which we recently hailed as our App of the Week, offers a bunch of functional features for Twitter users. But as pointed out in Christine's review, these features are mainly aimed at casual users, as opposed to those of Tweetbot, many of which are aimed at power users. Anyway, these features have just grown by a considerable number with the arrival of Twitterrific 5's first update. In the updated version of Twitterrific 5, you can now swipe left or right with two fingers to switch between dark and light themes. And in case you're wondering what swiping up or down with two fingers does, wonder no more. This other gesture, which is already supported even in the initial version of the app, hides or shows the status bar. Speaking of swiping, swipe gestures in the app are now accompanied by sound effects. Moreover, an in-app notification is now displayed when posting a new tweet or direct message as well as when Dark Theme at Night changes. The update also brings Pinboard support for bookmarking links and tweets. Sadly, no added support yet for my favorite bookmarking service, Readability. Along with some obligatory bug fixes, the update also delivers the following improvements to Twitterrific 5:
  • Checkmark icons are now displayed for verified users in lists
  • Timelines can now scroll to the marker without displaying it
  • A loading bar is now displayed when a picture is taking a long time to load
  • Various improvements to VoiceOver
  • Toggling the unified timeline setting now updates the screen immediately
  • Made the swipe gestures easier to trigger
  • The pull-to-refresh control now operates more smoothly
  • You can now hit space or tab to auto-complete the first user match
  • Lists and searches in the sidebar now refresh periodically
  • When you reply to a message, you can now see it in the compose view
  • Displaying follower and following lists is now much faster
  • App help can now be opened in Safari
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Twitterrific 5 is available in the App Store for $2.99. To be sure, the app's new features are nothing major when taken individually. But collectively, they are substantial in making Twitterrific 5 an even better Twitter client for iOS. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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