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Your New iPad Or iPad mini Would Absolutely Love These Apps

Your New iPad Or iPad mini Would Absolutely Love These Apps

December 26, 2012
It was on your holiday list, and now you've received it -- your very own iPad! What apps should you download first? Take a look at our comprehensive list by category, as it was first published in November by Karen Freeman.

Fresh Out Of The Box For iPad – Free Edition

You’ve got your freebies. Now, which apps are worth your hard-earned money?

Fresh Out Of The Box For iPad – Paid Edition

Maybe you’re not quite ready to jump into the app pool just yet. These apps will help you just dip in your toes:

Apps For The App-Averse

So you bought an iPad purely for its functionality, right? Then you’ll need some utility apps:

Best iPad Utilities

Ah, who are we kidding. You bought an iPad for all the super cool stuff it can do. These apps will help you show off your amazing device:

Cool iPad Apps to Demo

Are you upgrading for the first time to a Retina display with the new iPad 4? Got a good deal on the iPad 3? These apps will show off that Retina screen in all of its glory.

Apps That Show Off The iPad’s Retina Display

We’ve mentioned a few games on the above lists, but we realize that for some of you, gaming is a huge part of owning an iPad. We have gathered together some of the best gaming experiences on the iPad right here:

Five iPad Games To Download Now

iPad App Store Gaming Classics 

Best iCade Compatible Games

iPad Multiplayer Games

Want even more? Be sure to check out our AppLists and AppGuides sections. See also: Six Free And Unique Apps To Download On Your New iPad mini, Got A New iPhone For Christmas? Check Out These Must Have Apps, and our iPad accessory articles.

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