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Five iPad Games To Download Now

Did you just get a new iPad? If not, you are surely still enjoying the one you already own. Either way, gaming on the iPad is a unique and fun experience. There are tons of games available in the App Store, and we have chosen five for this AppList that we think you will love. Get ready to get your game on.

Oceanhorn ™

by FDG Entertainment

This amazing 3D adventure and fantasy game is sure show off your iPad's gorgeous Retina display while delighting gamers from all walks of life. If you are a fan of console games such as the Legend of Zelda, you will enjoy every second spent playing Oceanhorn. You will start out as a young boy in search of his father, spending your time exploring different islands in the Uncharted Seas and solving puzzles to get the answers you seek. Prepare to battle monsters, use magic, and aquire the skills needed to complete this epic ten hour journey. This game is universal, so you can enjoy it on all of your devices.

TETRIS® for iPad

by Electronic Arts

Now that you've gone on an action-packed adventure, perhaps you would like to relax a bit. TETRIS for iPad is the perfect game to lay back and play. The old school Tetris was great, but the way this has been designed for the iPad gives it a completely new feel. The touch controls are easy to use, sounds are crisp, and the bright look of the blocks are mesmerizing. TETRIS for iPad features different modes such as Galaxy or Marathon. These varied modes allow you to play at original speed, at a fast pace, or even in multi-levels. Keep track of each line cleared with Tetris Rank, or even join their special T-Club if you'd like to earn more coins and lines. No matter which way you choose to play, the experience will be fantastic.

Cut the Rope HD

by Chillingo Ltd

Cut the Rope HD is just plain cute and fun. This game has very good physics and currently boasts 375 challenging levels. The character, an adorable little monster named Om Nom, needs to be fed his candy treats. In order to do so, you must cut the rope. It sounds easy, but keep in mind that you want to try and capture all three stars while doing so. Each level gets progressively more difficult, making it challenging and very addictive. Everything about Cut the Rope HD makes this game a winner.

The Room

by Fireproof Games

You have battled beasts, stacked puzzling blocks, and fed candy to a small creature. What next? The Room is a mysterious steampunk style puzzle game. This game provides you with clues that will have you scratching your head. You'll need to put your thinking cap to solve them. Puzzles consist of secrets, clues, and safes that will eventually open boxes. Creepy yet engaging mechanics, interesting music, and the way The Room draws you in will make you feel like you are completely immersed in another world.

Angry Birds Star Wars HD

by Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Once you have found your way out of The Room, take off to another galaxy in Angry Birds Star Wars HD. Many gamers love the Angry Birds series, and this particular title is very fun due to the Star Wars theme. Gameplay is similar to other Angry Birds games, but with a twist - the setting is in the Star Wars universe. Fling rebel birds with lightsabers, furry ewoks, and other unique types of birds at the dastardly Imperial Pigs in order to destroy their bunkers. In the end of the game, you will face Darth Vader - Dark Lord of the Pigs. There are tons of unique levels, several hours of gameplay, special Jedi powers, free updates, and much more. May the force be with you as you explore this game (and the others listed here) on your new iPad!