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Multiplayer games for iPad

With the iPad's huge and responsive screen, it's now possible to have games where everyone can play on the same device without having to perpetually pass your device around. This AppList presents great multiplayer games that make use of your screen and have great user interfaces. Instead of handing your iPad off to friends and family when they're around, pull up one of these games and play with them!


by Fingerlab

MultiPonk is an interesting take on the traditional Pong game, but it expands the playing field to include up to four people playing at the same time. How are you able to play with four people? Pretty crazily, to be honest. You have to squeeze in there, but the speed and addictiveness of the game makes up for it. Add in power-ups (including multiball!), a single player mode, simple gameplay, and a decent graphics and physics engine, and you have a great multiplayer game.


by Electronic Arts

Scrabble for iPad in itself isn't a split-screen multiplayer game. But toss in a few iPhones or iPod touches with the Scrabble Tile Rack app, and you instantly have up to four gamers playing Scrabble on your iPad at the same time. The iPad is the Scrabble board, while the iPhones/iPods rack the tiles. Sounds excessive, but it really is an interesting and fun experience.

LED Football Player vs. Player

by touchGrove, LLC

LED Football Player vs. Player is a faithful representation of the classic 1978 LED game. In addition to satisfying nostalgia, this app also supports two-player simultaneous play with one player taking the offense, and the other player taking defense. It's definitely one of the more interesting games to check out.

New World Colony

by 82 Inc.

You won't find the slickest graphics with New World Colony, but you will find a challenging and thoroughly consuming multiplayer game. If you like strategy board games like Settlers of Catan or Risk, this game is for you. Players work to conquer areas around them with the resources they gain throughout the game. One game can take a while to complete, making it a great download if you have a road trip or family game night coming up.

Small World 2

by Days Of Wonder, Inc.

If New World Colony overwhelms you, take a look at Small World for iPad. Small World is like New World Colony's little sister. In both games, players try to conquer as much of the board as possible according to their resources. Unlike the previous game, Small World is just that — smaller. It doesn't require as great of a time commitment and and the gameplay is simpler. However, the in-game tutorial is terrible and if you are getting frustrated with figuring out the game on your own, a quick Google search is incredibly helpful.

Fantastic 4 In A Row Free

by EnsenaSoft

Unlike some classic two person games that are a huge disappointment on virtual screen (Air Hockey and Hungry Hungry Hippos, I'm looking at you), Fantastic 4 In A Row Free is just as fun as the old-fashioned version. The colors and graphics are bright and familiar, and the deceptively simple rules make the game as fun as ever. The only thing lacking with the virtual version is the satisfying board clearing where you can watch your opponent's pieces fall from the board.

Slice HD

by SmallBall

This game could only (safely) exist virtually. The object of the game is to the touch buttons on the screen in a certain order, but your obstacles are sharp blades that move around and will "cut" you if you touch them. Play with others and complete harder levels, exercise your trash talking skills, and work on your hand-eye coordination.


by Innovatio

Remember Snake? Achtung is Snake 2.0 with Retina graphics. The concept is the same: you start as a little glowy snake and the objective is not to run into yourself or others. However, as you keep playing, you grow longer and longer, so avoiding running into anything gets increasingly difficult. The controls and gameplay are simple and easy to learn, so it's great for all ages.


by TheCodingMonkeys

Here's another challenging, strategy-based, absorbing board game that's great for game nights and road trips. The object of the game is to build a medieval landscape and claim bonus points. Once you get the hang of the game, it's incredibly addictive and gets you to constantly reformulate strategies and your approach. The Retina compatible graphics and interface are gorgeous to boot.

Soccer Physics

by Otto-Ville Ojala

Soccer Physics is so simple and yet so genius. It is also loads of laughs for both you and your opponent. You have one button to mash that will control both of your players. That one button will allow your players to kick and jump. The players will perform some crazy stunts and will keep the competition between you and your opponent fresh. You can even turn on the option for two-button controls, which essentially allows for up to 4 players.

Steel Mill

by Steelbot

Steel Mill is like an amped up Tetris. You are either the male worker or a bear trying to stack up steel bars of the matching color, making sure the hearts are touching to eliminate them before they reach the top. The developers were also very thoughtful because you can play side by side or across the table from your opponent.

Slamjet Stadium

by Alistair Aitcheson

Slamjet Stadium is based off of soccer, but with hover bikes. You and your opponent are encouraged to push, shove, fight, and steal each other's characters. Pull your character back like a slingshot and try to get the ball in the opposing goal. The game can get quite competitive, but just keep reminding yourself that it's just a game so that you can ensure no damage to your iPad.

Tank of Tanks

by Otto-Ville Ojala

Tank of Tanks is a hit with a bigger group of four players. It is yet another simple game, playable with one button that controls movement and attacking. To turn you just simply need to lift up your finger. The game offers a ton of ways to jazz up your game with different arenas and adding new elements to the levels.