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'Discover' Apple's 'Brilliant' New TV Ads For iPhone 5

'Discover' Apple's 'Brilliant' New TV Ads For iPhone 5

March 12, 2013
Apple has just released two new TV ads that follow the structure of the ad campaign it introduced in mid-February with "Alive" and "Together," which were succeeded by "Hollywood" on Oscar night. But while those three ads were made to promote the iPad and the iPad mini and the wealth of apps they support, these new ones, titled "Brilliant" and "Discover," are launched to advertise the iPhone 5 and the many apps that can run on it. Like the previous ads, "Brilliant" and "Discover" each runs through a quick succession of words three times. For each time, each ad arrives at a featured landing word, which is then interpreted (often with puns) using different iPad apps. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. For "Brilliant," the landing words are "sweet," "rise," and "brilliant." "Sweet" presents a sweet strawberry treat in Gojee, a sweet baby girl in Cards, a sweet moment in the movie "Up," and a sweet stunt in Mike V: Skateboard Party HD. "Rise" begins with an app showing the sun rise, followed by the Passbook-enabled Starbucks app that helps you rise every morning, a Keynote presentation showing the rise of energy efficiency, and a remote control app that directs the rise of a helicopter. (No Rise Alarm Clock?) "Brilliant" then displays the iBooks app turning the pages of a book by the brilliant Albert Einstein, the supposedly for-brilliant-minds-only Rubik's Cube, the naturally brilliant MyScript Calculator, and the official app that controls the brilliance of the Philips Hue lighting system, for which an iOS SDK was just released. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. As for "Discover," the landing words are "rock," "sharp," and "discover." "Rock" shows a rock session in GarageBand, a rock sample in The Elements for iPhone 4, a molded plastic rocker in Houzz Interior Design Ideas, and the Apple Maps Flyover visuals for Alcatraz Island aka "The Rock." "Sharp" opens with a sharp sword slash in Infinity Blade II, followed by Gilt on the Go showing a sharp tuxedo, iPhoto showing a sharp image, and Cleartune set to C#. And finally, "discover" showcases the solar system discovery app Solar Walk, Scholastic First Discovery: Dinosaurs, Yelp's monocle discovery mode, and Shazam in the middle of discovering a new tune. Both ads, which are posted on Apple's official YouTube channel as well as on the official iPhone TV ads webpage, are embedded above for your viewing pleasure.

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