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Smarter Snoozes, Faster Swipes And More Get Delivered To Mailbox

Smarter Snoozes, Faster Swipes And More Get Delivered To Mailbox

April 16, 2013
Last month, I wrote that I was still figuring out how to apply Mailbox's "put email in its place" scheme to the way I handle my inbox. Well, in the interim I've been able to use Mailbox as my email app of choice on my iPhone. And I must say that I'm really liking Mailbox, especially now that it's been updated with several welcome improvements. Of the new improvements brought by the app's latest update, the ability to swipe as many items at once is the one I'm most likely to take advantage of. Previously, when you want to, say, archive several items in your inbox, you have to swipe them to the right one by one. Now, not anymore: you can swipe another item even when the action for the previous item hasn't been completed yet. The new Mailbox update also features smarter snoozes, enabling you to adjust snoozes based on the time of day and week. It also adds the ability to see the corresponding email address by simply double-tapping a name bubble. I've noticed, though, that this works only in the compose screen and not in the actual email message view. Furthermore, the update brings performance enhancements and bug fixes, including a fix for the rather annoying swipe-to-open bug. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later, Mailbox is available in the App Store for free. Released last February, Mailbox was favorably reviewed by my colleague Juli, saying that it's "the best email client that you can get at this time, especially if you use Gmail." While hailed for its interface and underlying "inbox zero" philosophy, Mailbox also attracted some controversy on account of its reservation system. Be that as it may, Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox in mid-March. A week later, the app filled its one millionth reservation. Have you been using and liking Mailbox as well? [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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