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Rovio Accounts Allow Gamers To Sync Progress Across Platforms

Rovio Accounts Allow Gamers To Sync Progress Across Platforms

May 7, 2013
Rovio, maker of the popular game series Angry Birds, has announced a new service called "Rovio Accounts." With a Rovio Account, gamers can save their current progress across devices, thereby allowing users to start playing a game on one platform and to continue on another. As of this minute, the useful new service is available globally for Rovio's The Croods, and for the original Angry Birds app in Finland and Poland only. The news hit the Web in a press release from Rovio:
Rovio Account lets you store your game progress and continue playing on another device. Some of you may have noticed a new feature in your Rovio games called Rovio Account. Our fans have been asking for a way to play their game on different phones or tablets without losing their progress when changing the device. This is exactly what Rovio Account lets you do! Rovio Account is currently available in The Croods game globally, and in the classic Angry Birds game on iOS in Finland and Poland. We will gradually introduce Rovio Account into more areas in the future and also add new features.
Just recently, Rovio launched Angry Birds Friends, a social-oriented application that allows users to challenge their friends to a round of the classic pig-smashing game. With Angry Birds now available on multiple platforms, including smartphones, video game consoles, and PCs, Rovio Accounts will certainly be something fans of the game series appreciate once the service launches globally. In the meantime, Angry Birds iOS gamers can continue to sync between iDevices using Apple's iCloud service. We'll keep you updated with further information on Rovio Accounts as we receive it. For additional app news articles, see: Etsy For iOS Updated With New Features For Both Sellers And ShoppersPuzzlejuice Finally Gets Updated With iPhone 5 Support And Then Some, and Zombies, Run! Just Got Another Update: Makes A Number Of Improvements.

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