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Fifth Generation iPad Images Show Thinner Bezels On The Side, As Expected

Fifth Generation iPad Images Show Thinner Bezels On The Side, As Expected

August 28, 2013
Much of the discussion in recent days has centered on the arrival of new iPhones, which should happen on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Today, we’ve got news about the iPad 5. Sonny Dickson recently posted some high-resolution photos allegedly showing the front panel of the fifth-generation iPad. As you can see, the design suggests that the next iPad will include thinner bezels on the sides. Additionally, the iPad 5 is likely to include a film-based touch panel, similar to the one on the first-generation iPad mini. Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal confirmed that the iPad 5 would look very much like the iPad mini, and include its touch panel technology. As they noted at the time:
What many consumers generally call a “screen” consists of multiple layers, and the “touch panel” specifically refers to the layer equipped with touch sensors, between the liquid-crystal display and the outermost cover glass. The iPad mini, according to a teardown report by research firm IHS iSuppli, uses a film-based touch panel, which is thinner and lighter than the glass-based touch panel that the current full-size model uses. Following the iPad mini’s success, Apple plans to use the film-based touch panel in its next regular-size iPad, the people said.
Apple is likely to unveil a new iPad in October, alongside a Retina display iPad mini 2. Both models will come with iOS 7 preinstalled. For more information on the upcoming iPads, see: How Apple's Rumored 12.9-Inch iPad Might LookMore Images Of The iPad 5 Appear Online: Same Retina Display, But Thinner Bezel, and For Apple And Samsung, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. [gallery columns="4"]

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