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Norway's Government Blocks 3-D Apple Maps For Oslo

Norway's Government Blocks 3-D Apple Maps For Oslo

August 12, 2013
Apple has been stopped capturing three-dimensional, aerial images of Norway's capital and most populous city, Oslo, by the Norwegian government, according to the country's Aftenposten publication. The report, which reached us via 9to5Mac, indicates that Norway's National Security Authority is not allowing the small, camera-equipped aircraft Apple uses to capture 3-D footage to circle Oslo, due to potential security threats. The website explains:
A Norway government official confirmed that it is blocking Apple because it does not want the company potentially mapping out confidential buildings and security measures within Oslo. Aftenposten provides the example of Norway not wanting Apple to film the headquarters of its intelligence teams, a building already banned from photographers.
As such, Apple is in contact with both the U.S. Embassy in Norway and Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang, who said recently that he has "asked the [Defense Minister] to look into the possibility of achieving [3-D flyover], while maintaining the security measures we must consider." It's hoped that a compromise could be in the cards. Apple has been steadily improving its Maps application since launching the service last year, and a number of cities and locations, such as Paris and several areas of California, have received 3-D flyover support in recent months. Hopefully, Apple will be able to work with Norway in order to bring the same support to Oslo in the near future. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. See also: Popular Anti-Gravity Racer Flashout Is Set To Spawn A Sequel In Q4 2013Today's Best Apps: Homegrown And Step Out! Alarm Clock, and Win The Amazing Bobbleshop App And Start Swaying With The Stars.

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