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Benchmarks Confirm The Impressive Graphical Power Of Apple's iPhone 5s

Benchmarks Confirm The Impressive Graphical Power Of Apple's iPhone 5s

September 12, 2013
Apple asserted the graphical power of its iPhone 5s handset on Tuesday, and at the same time unveiled the smartphone's 64-bit Apple A7 processor. It seems that shortly after the presentation concluded, one of the audience members was able to run a benchmarking iOS app on the iPhone 5s, independently confirming Apple's claims concerning the handset's graphical ability. The benchmarking app used was GFXBench, according to TouchArcade. As you can see in the below image, the offscreen results for the application's Egypt HD 2.5 tests scored an impressive 56 frames per second (fps), while the onscreen results clocked in at a still-impressive 53 fps. In both instances, Apple's iPhone 5s significantly bested its sixth-generation predecessor. One iOS app set to take full advantage of the iPhone 5s's 64-bit processor is Infinity Blade III, which Epic Games announced during Apple's keynote. The application is set to launch on Sept. 18, and from what we understand a 64-bit version of the game will be available for iPhone 5s users. As a reminder, Apple's iPhone 5s goes on sale Friday, Sept. 20. See also: Chillingo's Dodge This! Promises Cannons, Carnage And Lots Of ChickensAT&T Strikes Deal With Verizon, Looks To Further Improve Its 4G LTE Network, and Adobe Revel Gains Support For Videos With New Auto-Import And Sharing Options.

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