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The Chinese Dislike The iPhone 5c More Than Everyone Else In The World

The Chinese Dislike The iPhone 5c More Than Everyone Else In The World

September 24, 2013
For months, the rumor mill suggested that Apple would release a less expensive iPhone model to better compete in China. When the iPhone 5c arrived, of course, it wasn’t priced much lower than the new iPhone 5s. Now, we’ve heard that the iPhone 5c isn’t all that popular in the world’s most populous nation. According to Localytics, the iPhone 5s accounted for 91 percent of all handsets sold in China during the first three days of release. In the United States, this number stood at 76 percent. Globally, the iPhone 5s accounted for 82 percent of all phones sold. This news is somewhat surprising even though the iPhone 5c is priced higher than originally believed. After all, Apple made a strong push to sell the model in China. Localytics suggests this has a lot to do with the appeal of the gold colored iPhone 5s in China, something we first noted last week. They explain:
There was a lot of hoopla around the addition of the gold-colored iPhone 5s as a very attractive addition in particular for Asian markets so this hypothesis may hold true.
The country that likes the iPhone 5c the most appears to be the United Kingdom. It is the only country where the iPhone 5s isn’t outselling the iPhone 5c by a by a factor of 3.4. As such:
With the economy in the UK still in recovery, a slightly less strong affinity for the 5s could be the result of a more cost-conscious buyer. Subsidies also play less of a role in the UK’s phone market than in the US, making the upfront cost of phones higher for consumers.
Both iPhone models launched on Friday, Sept. 20. Apple noted that 9 million handsets were sold during the first 72 hours of release. This was the first time that China began selling new iPhones on the same day as the United States. See also: Pretty In Pink: The Most Popular iPhone 5c Models Are UnveiledApple's Gold iPhone 5s Handset Fetches Huge Prices On eBay, and How Many Photos Will The iPhone 5s Handset's Burst Mode Take?

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