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T-Mobile To Bring Enhanced 4G LTE Network To The Masses

T-Mobile To Bring Enhanced 4G LTE Network To The Masses

December 7, 2013

T-Mobile is finally starting to take advantage of its MetroPCS acquisition, and is in the process of rolling out a higher-speed 4G LTE service, according to a recent report.

The news comes from AllThingsD, which explains that just before Thanksgiving, T-Mobile switched on an enhanced 4G LTE service in parts of North Dallas. “The higher speeds come by combining T-Mobile’s LTE spectrum with that originally held by MetroPCS. Combining the spectrum allows so-called 20-by-20 service, or double the amount of spectrum T-Mobile had been able to offer in most markets,” the publication explains.

As a reminder, T-Mobile completed its acquisition of MetroPCS earlier this year. Though most reports at the time gravitated around the potential of a MetroPCS iPhone, it seems that the purchase is going to be of benefit to iPhone users in a different way, provided they're signed-up with “un-carrier” T-Mobile.

T-Mobile reportedly plans on offering its enhanced MetroPCS-powered 4G LTE network in 90 percent of the United States' top 25 markets, “but timing depends on how quickly it can move around some of its existing network traffic,” AllThingsD adds. Grant Castle, a T-Mobile network vice president, said: “We actually have been working on it for a little while.”

The report continues to note:

T-Mobile had touted the increased bandwidth as one of the benefits of the MetroPCS deal, though it hadn’t committed to offering 20-by-20 service until next year. The company expects to have 10-by-10 LTE service in 40 of the top 50 markets by the end of the year.

In the United States, the “big four” carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, all have 4G LTE offerings in the nation's large cities, and as such the latest “carrier wars” are being fought around network speed and capacity.

Back in June, an independent study claimed that in the United States, AT&T offered subscribers the fastest 4G LTE network, but added that Verizon's offering is the “most reliable.” PCMag conducted the study, and explained at the time:

Verizon Wireless, as always, is the master of coverage and reliability. It’s the only truly nationwide LTE network and it generally aced our streaming and Web page download reliability tests. While its LTE network is generally a bit slower than AT&T’s, it’s still fast, and the carrier wins our Reader’s Choice awards year after year for its coverage area and general customer satisfaction levels.

The great news for T-Mobile subscribers, however, is that its refreshed network will be compatible with all smartphones and tablets capable of accessing 4G LTE; there'll be no need to upgrade your device in order to enjoy faster speeds, and Apple's LTE-compatible iDevices will indeed be supported.

We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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