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Apple's New Mac Pro Isn't Expected To Arrive In-Store Until March

Apple's New Mac Pro Isn't Expected To Arrive In-Store Until March

January 3, 2014

The new and all powerful Mac Pro sold out in the Apple Online Store after a matter of hours, and as such it’s no surprise to hear that the impressive computer isn’t set to reach retail stores for some time. Now, we’re hearing that Apple fans can expect the new Mac Pro to reach Apple Retail Stores in March at the earliest.

If Electronista has it right, March or even April could be when we see Apple’s Mac Pro reach Apple Retail Stores in the United States and internationally. The news is said to come from “an Apple Australia business sales specialist,” who explains that Apple staff have been told to advise customers that the Apple Online Store “is the only way that customers can currently secure a new Mac Pro.”

Though certain Apple Retail Stores have demonstrator units available, Apple is struggling to produce enough Mac Pros to offer the computer to customers in-store.

The first online orders for Apple’s Mac Pro started reaching customers on Dec. 30, and the computer received positive reviews from the press (with iFixit, for example, praising the product’s repairability).

There are two preconfigured Mac Pros available from Apple - one for $2,999 and another for $3,999 - and customers can choose to upgrade their computer’s CPU, graphics, RAM, and flash storage. Plus, Apple’s Thunderbolt Display and a Sharp-made 4K display (which retails for $3,595) can also be purchased in the Apple Online Store.

For a fully-loaded Mac Pro, customers can expect to pay $9,599.00. Adding a 4K display obviously pushes this price even higher into the stratosphere.

The new Mac Pro carries an “Assembled in the USA” label, too. For more information, head over to the Apple Online Store.

We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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