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Byword For iOS Gets A Useful Update Adding Keyboard Shortcuts

Byword For iOS Gets A Useful Update Adding Keyboard Shortcuts

March 21, 2014

Byword for iOS, the minimalistic yet powerful Markdown editor, has just received an update adding support for iOS 7 keyboard shortcuts. Provided they’ve connected an external Bluetooth keyboard to their iPhone or iPad, Byword users can now more easily format text from inside of the iOS application.

As of Byword’s 2.1.4 update, users can access the following keyboard shortcuts in the application’s text editor view:

  • Bold ⌘B
  • Italic ⌘I
  • Toggle list items (bullets, numbers, none) ⌘L
  • Increase quote level ⌘’
  • Decrease quote level ⌘⌥’
  • Increase heading level ⌘+
  • Decrease heading level ⌘-
  • Insert image ⌘⌥I
  • Insert link ⌘K
  • Toggle text editing ⌘E
  • Toggle text counters ⌘⇧K
  • Show/hide Markdown Preview ⌘⌥P; Esc to leave Preview
  • Open Tools menu ⌘T; Esc to leave Tools menu
  • Show/hide document browser ⌘O
  • Close document ⌘W

In the documents view, three further shortcuts are also available to use:

  • Find document (when document browser is visible) ⌘F
  • New document (when document browser is visible) ⌘N
  • New folder (when document browser is visible) ⌘⇧N

Editorial might be the iPad Markdown text editor we continue to celebrate, but Byword is an excellent alternative for those looking for a less complex, more minimalistic processor. It supports John Gruber’s Markdown syntax and it flawlessly syncs content between both iOS and OS X.

You can also access documents offline using Byword, search for text inside of documents, enable day and night modes, and output Markdown to HTML or Rich Text.

For a price, Byword Premium subscribers can publish content to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram, and Evernote, too.

Thanks to its most recent update, Byword is now better than ever. You can pick up the application for $4.99 on the App Store, and it’s optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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