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Cydia Tweak: MailUnlimitedPhotos Lifts The 5 Photo Email Limit On iOS

Cydia Tweak: MailUnlimitedPhotos Lifts The 5 Photo Email Limit On iOS

March 19, 2014

MailUnlimitedPhotos is a recent addition to the Cydia Store that makes a useful change to Apple’s iOS. Once installed, users will be able to email more than five photos in a single message using the built-in Mail app. Though similar packages have launched in the past, this is the first jailbreak tweak to lift the restriction free of charge.

The package is simple to enable – all you’ll need to do is install it on your iPhone, and the restriction should be lifted from your jailbroken handset immediately.

To test that MailUnlimitedPhotos is working as advertised, you’ll need to head into the Photos app and test-select more than five photos to email.

If you’re able to add more than five to an outgoing message, the free jailbreak tweak has done its job well!

Similar packages have previously included Mail More Photos, and this surfaced on the Cydia Store back in 2012 – however, this package carries a $0.99 price tag.

We’ve also discussed another Mail-related package called Attachments+ previously, with this $1.99 jailbreak tweak allowing iOS users to add attachments to outgoing email using the “copy and paste menu.”

But unlike both of these packages, MailUnlimitedPhotos can indeed be downloaded free of charge on the App Store.

Check out the new jailbreak tweak now, or for more of our favorite recent additions to the Cydia Store, take a look at our coverage of Metaphrase, SlideWeather, Compose for iOS 7, and BatteryStatusBar.

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