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Mujjo Unveils A New Selection Of Classy iOS Device Cases

Mujjo Unveils A New Selection Of Classy iOS Device Cases

March 10, 2014

The folks at Mujjo have unveiled a selection of new cases for the iPhone, iPad mini, and iPad Air. Calling the two new collections “understated and low key” and promising to take “perfectionism to the next level,” Mujjo’s new products start at $41 and climb all the way up to almost $118.

You can order the new cases online from Mujjo’s store: there’s a Slim Fit iPhone 5s Wallet, a Slim Fit iPad mini Sleeve, and a Slim Fit iPad Air Sleeve all available in black leather and retailing at around $41, $97, and $118 respectively. These form Mujjo’s “low-key” collection, and feature a black-on-black color scheme.

Mujjo notes of the iPad mini sleeve:

Made out of one single piece of leather, this sleeve combines functionality and elegance in just one stitch. Super slim by design, this sleeve is handcrafted to fit your iPad mini plus a few essentials.

Marked by a slant line, the integrated pocket of the sleeve allows you to securely store documents, earplugs, pencils, and other essentials. Perfect in simplicity, you cannot leave anything out without compromising its intention or functionality.

The iPad mini sleeve fits both the first- and second-generation models (without an accessory – such as a Smart Cover or Smart Case – attached), and it’s lined on the inside with a soft fabric that should protect your iPad from bumps and scratches.

Mujjo’s “understated” collection, however, offers users a similar selection of iPhone and iPad cases and sleeves but in tan leather rather than black leather.

We’ve included a handful of images taken from Mujjo’s new selection below. As mentioned, prices begin at $41 and climb as high as $118 – for more information including the option of purchasing one of the new products, head over to Mujjo’s online store.

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