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Apple Is Now Notifying Users When Maps App Errors Are Fixed

Apple Is Now Notifying Users When Maps App Errors Are Fixed

April 9, 2014

Apple is now sending Maps app users a push notification when previously reported errors have been fixed.

The news reached us from MacRumors, which explains that a reader shared information concerning the change in a recent screenshot. After reporting an error in the Maps application to Apple on April 6, the MacRumors reader then received a push notification on April 8 linking to the Maps app, which explained that the problem “has now been addressed.”

Though Apple previously allowed iOS device users to report problems with the Maps app, this is the first time Cupertino has sent push notifications out to users following up on the error. It appears the feature is presently being tested before Apple rolls it out to users worldwide.

The change comes as part of Apple’s long-standing effort to improve and enhance its built-in Maps application. Apple promised to improve its mapping software back in September 2012, and Cupertino has striven to expand its 3-D flyover support while improving the accuracy of the Maps app in the years since.

Google’s own Google Maps iOS app indeed provides iOS device users with a free alternative maps application for the iPhone and iPad, however it seems at long last that Apple’s own Maps application is finally becoming a useable solution.

How are you finding the built-in Maps app?

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